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Ben Borthwick by on May 11, 2022

EA teases four unannounced titles for 2023 including a ‘major IP’ and a remake

EA has informed investors it already has four unannounced games in the works for an early 2023 release.

The tease came as the company prepared to announce its FY 22 financial results last night. In an accompanying presentation, the tenth slide revealed the publisher’s title slate for the next financial year. These include the previously announced F1 22 in Q1, the yearly FIFA and Madden games in Q2 and a new Need for Speed and NHL game in Q3.

Perhaps most intriguingly though was the list of games for Q4. This will cover the period between January of 2023 and March and has five titles. They read “PGA Tour, Major IP, Partner Title, Remake and Sports Title”. The first of course, is EA Sports PGA Tour, but the latter four are where we’re turning our eye.

The obvious thought, of course, is that Remake is referring to Dead Space, which is currently set for an early 2023 release. However, the slide also includes a footnote which seems to suggest otherwise. “We have four titles scheduled in Q4: FY23 that have not yet been publicly disclosed”. To pour a little more gasoline onto this fire, the slide also makes a point to mention of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth Mobile by name. That game was literally only announced earlier this week.

As for thoughts on the new Major IP, many believe this could be Star Wars Jedi 2. While a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been announced, a formal name hasn’t been settled on just yet. We’ll have to see if EA will make its 2023 slate clearer in the coming months. The news comes following a busy night for EA, after announcing it’ll be dropping the FIFA brand next year.


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