The Dead Space remake will arrive in early 2023, EA Motive confirms

The Dead Space remake will arrive in early 2023, EA Motive confirms
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EA’s Motive studio has given an ‘early 2023’ release window to their highly anticipated remake of sci-fi horror Dead Space.

The news came as part of the developer’s latest livestream over the weekend. Fans got a fifty minute peek at how the remake was coming along, and it’s not just the creepy Necromorphs getting a visual (skin-peeling) overhaul. During the broadcast, the team showcased many of the audio improvements they’re making to Isaac Clarke’s ill-fated first adventure.

Your own skin will be crawling thanks to overhauls to the game’s audio occlusion systems. This should mean sounds will more accurately travel from their source to Isaac’s (read: your) ears in a more realistic manner. Said sounds will take into account the materials and objects blocking the way too. Weapon sounds have also, of course, been given a massive overhaul too.

The audio team are perhaps most proud of their A.L.I.V.E. system for Isaac himself. As we learn, the game will actually track things such as Issac’s fatigue and damage levels and adjust his breathing accordingly. In a lovely touch, the team will also be recording his new voice lines three times. This is so they can get a “normal” version, a “tired” version and an “in-pain” version. The appropriate one will play depending on Isaac’s current state.

There’s a ton of other stuff to these systems too, and it’s a fascinating watch even if you’re not an audiophile. You can check out the full livestream, plus the individual sections in a playlist, for yourself down below. The Dead Space remake arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in early 2023.