Diablo 4 Malignant Burrow location and how to beat Echo of Varshan

Diablo 4 Malignant Burrow location and how to beat Echo of Varshan
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Do you need to know what the Malignant Burrow is and where to find it in Diablo 4? Season 2 has brought plenty of new content to the game, and this dark burrow is just one of the spots to head to.

This spot is where you’ll find one of the new endgame bosses that came with Season 2. Blood harvest events are a good place to get Diablo 4 vampire powers before that. However, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be tough to figure out what to do here, if you can even find it. We’re here to show you where the Malignant Burrow is located, and how to summon the terrifying boss you can fight here.

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Where to find Malignant Burrow

The Malignant Burrow can be found just East of the Tree of Whispers, in the Hawezar region of Sanctuary. You should have the waypoint for the tree unlocked already, so it’s easiest to simply use it to travel there.

The Malignant Burrow location in Diablo 4.
Image by Videogamer via Blizzard

It’s important to note that you’ll only be able to access the Malignant Burrow in the endgame, after completing the main questline. You also need to complete The Whispers of the Dead quest before heading to the location.

How to summon Echo of Varshan in the Malignant Burrow

The Malignant Burrow is where you can summon the Season 2 endgame boss, Echo of Varshan. However, you need some materials in order to do so. These are Malignant body parts. In order to summon him, you’ll need the following:

  • Gurgling Head
  • Blackened Femur
  • Trembling Hand
  • Malignant Heart (World Tier 4 only)

The head, femur, and hand can be obtained from Whisper Caches, which you earn from completing Grim Favors. You can also pick these up as random drops from defeating Grotesque Debtors, however, the Whisper Caches are what I’ve found to be the most reliable.

If you don’t feel like finding them, you can also craft these body parts of Varshan at the Alchemist. You’ll need a Malignant Heart and 15 Veiled Crystals for each though, as well as four Baleful Fragments for the hand, four Coiling Wards for the femur, and four Abstruse Sigils for the head. I wouldn’t suggest going this route, as finding them is much easier in my opinion.

How to get a Malignant Heart in Season 2

The Malignant Heart, which is only needed if you’re fighting Echo of Varshan on World Tier Torment, can be found in Whisper Caches, as well. These Malignant Hearts are not the same as the Malignant Hearts from Season of the Malignant. They’ll remain available in the Eternal Realm, even as Season 2 passes.

Once you have all the materials needed, head to the Malignant Burrow and find the Malignant Altar. Interact with it, and use the body parts you’ve scavenged to summon Echo of Varshan to fight this powerful enemy.

How to defeat Echo of Varshan

The Echo of Varshan is a tough boss to face. He can one-shot you if you aren’t being careful. The best advice for me was to get out of the way of his attacks, particularly the red ones on the floor that are shaped like triangles. These will do a lot of damage if you remain in them, so dodge out of the way.

A Diablo 4 player fights the Echo of Varshan at the Malignant Burrow.
Image taken by Videogamer

His other attacks don’t hit quite as hard, including the projectiles he shoots out in a half circle and his tentacle grasp. You can evade these if you want, but really the triangles are what you want to watch out for.

Resist the Shadows

The Echo of Varshan’s attacks deal Shadow damage. Build up your Shadow resistance using Amethysts and Elixirs of Shadow Resistance to have a better chance at survival.

Varshan will also summon three elite enemies that will attack you, and he will use them to get more health. It’s up to you if you want to take out the enemies or do damage to Varshan himself, but I’ve found that taking out the monster he’s currently sapping health from is the best bet. He’ll switch what enemy he’s taking health from, so make sure to always be checking.

Echo of Varshan Rewards and Loot Table

The Echo of Varshan will drop a nice selection of Legendary items, as well as potentially dropping Uniques from his loot table. There are two other important drops, the Flesh-Weld Rod Trophy Cosmetic that’s unique to him, and the Mucus-Slick Egg. This egg is only dropped on World Tier Torment, but it’s used to summon the Echo of Duriel.

Here are the Echo of Varshan rewards in Diablo 4 Season 2:

All ClassesFrostburn, Mother’s Embrace
RogueCondemnation, Eyes in the Dark, Skyhunter
Barbarian Fields of Crimson, 100,000 Steps, Gohr’s Devastating Grips
SorcererStaff of Endless Rage, Esu’s Heirloom, Raiment of the Infinite
Druid Mad Wolf’s Glee, Vasily’s Prayer, Greatstaff of the Crone
NecromancerBloodless Scream, Deathless Visage, Deathspeaker’s Pendant

You can also earn all the Malignant Rings – Airidah’s Inexorable Will (Druid), Ring of the Red Furor (Barbarian), Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul (Necromancer), Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop (Sorcerer), and Writhing Band of Trickery (Rogue) for defeating the Echo of Varshan.

That’s all you need to know about the Malignant Burrow in Diablo 4. Check out our guide on the best builds tier list for Season 2 of the game to be ready for any boss thrown your way.

Malignant Burrow and Echo of Varshan FAQ

Where is the Malignant Burrow located?

The Malignant Burrow is right near the Tree of Whispers in Hawezar. Once you’re at the tree, head East to find it.

What materials are needed to summon Echo of Varshan?

You’ll need a Gurgling Head, a Blackened Femur, and a Trembling Hand to summon Varshan. If you’re on World Tier 4, you’ll also need a Malignant Heart. These can all be dropped by Grotesque Debtors, or from opening Whisper Caches.

What loot does Echo of Varshan drop?

The Echo of Varshan has a unique table of loot to drop from including many Unique items. He also has a chance to drop an exclusive cosmetic, the Flesh-Weld Rod Trophy. The new Malignant Rings also can be dropped by Varshan.