How to get Coiling Wards in Diablo 4

How to get Coiling Wards in Diablo 4
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Wondering how to get Coiling wards in Diablo 4? The way to get this elusive crafting material isn’t exactly spelled out for you in Diablo 4. Even if you have some in your inventory, you might now know exactly how you got them, and how to get more.

If you’re looking to imprint some of the best Diablo 4 aspects that you’ve found while exploring the Diablo 4 map, then knowing how to get Coiling Wards is something you definitely need to learn about.

What are Coiling Wards and how do you get them in Diablo 4?

Coiling Wards are a rare material that you’ll need to upgrade your Legendary armour and to imprint Aspects on armour with an Item Power over 400. You’ll require more high-quality materials to upgrade your Legendary armour, especially in the late-game, and to get your Coiling Wards, you’ll unfortunately have to salvage some of your other Legendary items.

Diablo 4 Coiling Wards: The inventory showing a Legendary piece of armour with over 400 Item Power.,

The only way you can obtain Coiling Wards in Diablo 4 is through salvaging Legendary armour pieces with at least 400 Item Power. This means that you can receive them from salvaging helms, chests, gloves, legs, and boots, but not jewellery or weapons. You can view Item Power in your inventory, by hovering over an item. It’s displayed underneath the item’s name at the top.

Early into your playthrough, you won’t come across any armour that you’ll be able to receive Coiling Wards from. But as you progress further, you’ll start coming across Legendary armour that meets that 400 Item Power threshold. It should be said that upgrading armour to reach this threshold will not work. An item with 399 Item Power that has been upgraded to 399+10 Item Power is still not counted. So don’t waste these items.

How to use Coiling Wards in Diablo 4

Just like Veiled Crystals dropping from salvaged Rare gear, Coiling Wards are rare crafting materials offered by the Blacksmith on salvaging legendary armour pieces. You’ll find Blacksmiths in any major town in Sanctuary. Salvaged material from these gear can be used to refine Legendary armour to their max level. This, in turn, makes you even more of a threat against Sanctuary’s mobs.

These pieces of gear are valuable because legendary aspect imprinting headgear, pants, or chest pieces can radically change your build with buffs. They can be found across all of Diablo 4’s regions: Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Kehjistan, Dry Steppes, and Hawezar. The frequency of Legendary gear drops will increase as you progress into World Tier 3 by clearing the Capstone Dungeon. This unlocks endgame side quest content like Helltides. Remember that you can only do this after beating Lilith in the campaign.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Coiling Wards in Diablo 4. If you’re after some other rare materials, our Diablo 4 Angelbreath guide will help you cook up some powerful elixirs. And don’t fret if you’ve salvaged too much and are short on cash. Our Diablo 4 how to get gold fast guide will help you out.