Days Gone director says sequel could have had “mixed Freaker types working together”

Days Gone director says sequel could have had “mixed Freaker types working together”
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Days Gone director Jeff Ross has now revealed that the hypothetical sequel for Bend Studio’s open-world post-apocalyptic game could have seen “mixed Freaker types working together instead of trying to eat each other.” For those unfamiliar, Freakers are the studio’s unique version of zombies that are as equally terrifying and ravenous as their regularly-named counterparts.

This revelation came about simply because Ross was expressing his disappointment over the underwhelming PlayStation showcase that recently took place. A few hours after the event, he went on to post a tweet that said “I get a little bummed out from these shows because they only remind me we could [have] had Days Gone 2 out a month ago if we’d have just stuck to our guns.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Bend Studio is planning on reviving the series any time soon as he would go on to mention in a response that “too much time has passed.” “Over 90 people from the original team have left the studio and Sony just doesn’t seem to care for it,” he continued. He would double down on his comments later on by stating that there’s only a “one in a million chance” that the sequel gets made.

If you’ve been waiting all this time for a follow-up to the 2019 zombie game, then you may have to keep on waiting even longer as it doesn’t seem like a Days Gone sequel is going to be developed soon. Sony’s indifference to a Days Gone 2 petition with more than 200,000 signatures is even more evidence that the parent company isn’t interested in bringing it back in the near future.

Hopefully, they change their minds at some point as Boozer deserves his own time to shine in the post-apocalyptic world. While you wait for an announcement, though, check out the Phantom Blade 0 reveal trailer and the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake announcement for now to hold you over.