Diablo 4 live action trailer just proves Druid is the best looking class

Diablo 4 live action trailer just proves Druid is the best looking class
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With the launch of Diablo 4 only a few days away, Blizzard is pulling out all the stops in marketing their next series installment with the release of a live-action trailer created by Oscar-winning director, Chloe Zhao. Although the pairing does come as a bit of a surprise, the results inevitably speak for themselves and it’s safe to say that Zhao knocked it out of the park with their mini-movie that displays all five classes in action.

In addition to the Diablo 4 release date naturally being shown at the end of the short video, the trailer also gave viewers a look at what each character class would look like in real life. The clip begins with a random four-fingered traveler happening upon a slain horse and begging the spectator for help. A shot of a small boy surrounded by the smoldering ruins of their town would then be shown followed by a fast-paced look at the Rogue class who could be seen shooting arrows and dodging fireballs.

The next scene would depict the Sorceress summoning a flaming serpent in order to fend off Lilith’s minions. Not to be forgotten, the Necromancer would then of course start summoning their skeleton horde as the calcium army swarmed to overwhelm one of the bigger demons. However, all of the prior scenes would pale in comparison to the next one as the deadly Druid would finally be revealed towards the end of the clip.

After initially dodging a few attacks from different combatants, the shapeshifting class would then pull out their trump card by turning into a Werebear that would end up obliterating the horde it was faced with. Last but not least, the ever-present Barbarian would finally be given their time to shine as the weapons expert ended the class showcase by smashing their mace into the ground to create a deadly wave that annihilated oncoming enemies.

The Diablo 4 live action trailer has already received plenty of praise from the community and it only drives up the excitement surrounding the game even more. Now that the game is only a handful of days away, though, we suggest checking out our guides on how to switch weapons and how to get a mount beforehand so you can have an easier time fighting demons and venturing through Sanctuary.

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