Destiny 2 The Final Shape brings Cayde-6 back from the dead

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A new trailer for Destiny 2 The Final Shape was shown during the May 2023 PlayStation showcase and it features everyone’s favorite Hunter in Cayde-6 returning from the dead. Though the story of his return is currently unclear at the time of writing, it’s safe to say that this should excite plenty of veteran players as many were disappointed as soon as he was killed off in Forsaken.

But aside from the return of the iconic leader of the Hunters, the title of The Light and Darkness Saga’s last expansion has also been confirmed and it will predictably be called The Final Shape. According to the preview, there will apparently be a more in-depth showcase for the upcoming DLC on August 22, 2023.

The beginning of the sneak peek simply shows Ikora Rey with her Ghost talking to a mysterious figure while sitting around a campfire. While she continued to strike up a conversation with the unidentified character, scenes of the Guardian fighting against some of the game’s most recognizable bosses like Savathûn, Calus, and Nezarec were sporadically shown throughout.

As Ikora Rey finishes recounting the story so far, she ends up saying to the shrouded figure that she wishes they could’ve been there. The camera then moves up to reveal the fan-favorite character, Cayde-6, holding his beloved Ace of Spades hand cannon. However, it seems as if Cayde and Ikora don’t know exactly where they are as evidenced by the Hunter’s final comments towards the end of the video.

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