CoD community calls for boycott after Activision announces Warzone Caldera shut down

CoD community calls for boycott after Activision announces Warzone Caldera shut down
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Activision has announced that they’ll be shutting down Warzone Caldera on September 21, 2023 in order to “focus on future Call of Duty content” including the current free-to-play battle royale experience. Naturally, this revelation hasn’t gone down well with the community as members of its loyal fan base not only spent precious time playing it but also copious amounts of money buying the bundles that were made available with the game.

For this reason, a few disgruntled people are now calling on others to boycott the gaming company responsible for the creation of the popular FPS series. One user named RJE808 even went on Reddit to post a message asking their fellow players to “stop playing these games.” “They don’t give a single sh*t about you. Pick up some single player games, try some fighting games, but just stop supporting Activision,” they continued.

Another commenter shared a similar sentiment by describing Activision’s decision as “a scummy move.” They’d go on to note that “all other CODs are still up fine but they shut down Warzone? I bet there is still a large player base [in Caldera], just crazy,” they continued. Over on Twitter, one user ended up expressing their frustration by saying “imagine getting rid of the game you should have just perfected instead of always focusing on the next one without [finishing] what you have in front of you.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the player base has planned to stage a boycott against Activision as several previous attempts have often been foiled by the community’s divided nature. Alas, it seems the conclusion is going to be the same this time around as a majority of players continue to enjoy and play the CoD battle royale with no signs of stopping soon.

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