Best Horror Movies on Netflix right now (November 2022)

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Some say that we all have a monster inside of us. So, let us satisfy the beast within by diving into some of the best horror movies streaming on Netflix right now

As, whether you’re an avid lover of horror movies like me, or just looking for an excuse to hold on tight to that special someone on a cold, dark movie night

Here are some of the best horror selections for November 2022 that Netflix viewers can enjoy right now.

Best horror movies to watch on Netflix right now in November 2022

Below we’ve selected the very best of the horror movies that Netflix has available right now to suit every horror lover’s taste for cinematic chills:

‘It’ (2017)

In this Stephen King classic directed by Andy Muschietti. A group of young outcasts, perfectly branded as “The Losers’ Club”, encounter the ancient evil, Pennywise.

This dancing, child-eating, fear demon, is brilliantly played by Bill Skarsgård, as we watch in horror as Pennywise torments “The Losers’ Club”, turning their worst nightmares into terrifying reality.

Set across one gruesome summer in Derry, Maine. “The Losers’ Club” bands together to battles the bloodthirsty clown before he makes them all float…

‘It’ delivers unexpected moments of laughter alongside chilling moments of gore that will catch you off-guard when viewing for the first time and quite possibly every time afterwards.

As this frightful, modern adaptation of King’s seminal story delivers on all fronts and is one of my favorite horror movies to date, and one I recommend using your Netflix subscription to watch as soon as you can.

Watch On Netflix Here: ‘It’ (2017)

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‘The Mist’

Sticking with the theme of excellent Stephen King movie adaptations. ‘The Mist’ is another brilliant adaptation of a classic King story, showcasing the notion that sometimes the biggest threat isn’t the monsters, but those around you…

‘The Mist’ tells the story of David Drayton (played by Thomas Jane) who has to travel with his son into town for supplies after a powerful storm damages their home. However, once in town, David and the town’s residents soon discover a thick mist has engulfed the area.

Confusion is soon followed by terror as malevolent creatures emerge from the mist threatening the safety of the quaint town. But, dangerous and terrifying as they are, the creatures may not be the biggest threat facing David and the others. As a crazed zealot (played by Marcia Gay Harden) begins calling for a sacrifice to be made.

The stories of Stephen King have continuously delivered phenomenal titles over the last four decades, with several of them among my personal favorites in the horror genre. And with ‘The Mist’, Netflix users can enjoy another great addition to the list of successful King horror movie adaptations available right now on Netflix.

Watch On Netflix Here: ‘The Mist’


‘Hush’ follows Maddie (played by Kate Siegel), a writer living a solitary life in the woods who finds herself fighting for her life after a masked figure suddenly appears in her window.

Celebrated horror writer/producer/director, Mike Flanagan, has given the horror genre several remarkable titles, such as ‘Oculus’, and ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. But with ‘Hush’, he gives viewers a unique and different take on a traditional horror story.

This is because the lead character, Maddie, is both deaf and mute. A refreshing take on this style of horror tale as not only does it bring much needed representation to the screen for the deaf and mute communities.

But it also serves to heighten the fear and tension that you feel when watching the movie. As with Maddie unable to hear the killer or cry out for help as we would traditionally see in these stories. It makes you even more fearful and hopeful for her as you watch her try to outwit and survive the murderous intruder.

‘Hush’ is a standout in the horror genre for both its handling of, and fresh perspective on the traditional horror dynamic of killer and intended victim. While also featuring a surprising amount of physical and visceral violence that adds even further to the movie’s many layers.

Another of my favorite horror films, ‘Hush’ is a movie that you may just find yourself speechless watching.

Watch On Netflix Here: ‘Hush’

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‘Day Shift’

‘Day Shift’ serves as the directorial debut for long-time stunt coordinator, J.J. Perry, who delivers a perfect blend of both action-comedy and horror.

The movie sees Jamie Foxx portraying Bud Jablonski, a hard-working, blue-collar dad, who wants to provide a quality life for his quick-witted ten-year-old daughter, Paige.

But, Bud’s seemingly mundane San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is just a front for his real gig.

Hunting and killing vampires.

‘Day Shift’ is a frightfully fun movie that shows that streaming services can find the mark that bigger box office productions sometimes miss. And the star-studded cast gives their all in what has quickly become one of my new favorite action-comedy horror films.

Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night viewing after your own day shift, you should definitely give this underappreciated gem a viewing. 

Watch On Netflix Here: ‘Day Shift’

(Guest Article by Jerell Holiday)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix in 2022 FAQ

What is the scariest movie on Netflix 2022?

While it’s hard to point out one movie as the scariest on Netflix right now. 2017’s ‘It’ is easily one of the scariest movies on Netflix right now as Bill Skarsgård gives a creepy and utterly terrifying performance as Stephen King’s iconic demon, Pennywise The Clown.

What is the No 1 horror movie in the world?

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ is still one of the most beloved horror movies in the world and certainly one of horror’s most iconic movies if not its most iconic. As even if you’ve never seen Psycho, there’s a strong chance you know of the movie and its iconic shower scene after decades of imitations and parodies.

Which horror movie has the best story?

There are so many great horror movies with brilliant stories that it’s hard to pick just one, but, some of the best horror movie stories can be found in ‘Psycho’, ‘Jaws’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Day of the Dead’, and ‘Saw’.

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