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Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals on Best Buy, Amazon, and more

Black Friday Sony Bravia TV
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These Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals will have you gaming in 4K and watching TV, movies, and sports in immersive quality.

Sony Bravia TVs are some of the best TVs for PS5 and equally the best TVs for Xbox Series X

Black Friday is right around the corner, with Sony Bravia TVs expected to see huge discounts. Currently some of the top range TVs available now, snagging a cheeky 40% off would change your holiday season for the better.

Ranging in prices, models, sizes, and resolutions, there’s plenty of choice and options with these TVs, and that’s why we have done the arduous labor and research evaluating which are the best deals for you this Black Friday.

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday TV deals, check out our other page.

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Best Sony Bravia TV deals

Where to find the best Sony Bravia TV Black Friday deals?

We recommend searching through our recommended Black Friday Sony Bravia retailers shortlist so that you can best gauge the market this year. Each retailer is chocked full of deals, and we only expect this to get better come Black Friday.

Black Friday Sony Bravia TV shortlist:

If you’re not up for the task of scrawling through different TV retailers, you can instead just browse our deals section which is full of the best Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals.


When will Black Friday Sony Bravia TV sales start in 2022?

Black Friday lands on the 25th November this year, with Cyber Monday on the following 28th.

Despite this, we do anticipate early Black Friday deals online as early as late October and early November. If you’re keen to get some of the best deals around, stay updated with this page as it will be regularly refreshed with the best Sony Bravia TV deals.

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How to get the best Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals in 2022?

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals, and judging by this headline – you are, then you’ve come to the right place. As mentioned before, we think the best way to get Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals is by heading through our recommended retailers and having a browse of the market. We then recommend coming back to our page in which we have already began compiling the best deals on the internet.

Best Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals on Best Buy

Deals have already begun with retailer Best Buy offering some of the best Black Friday Sony Bravia TV deals out there. Alongside Sony Bravia TVs, there’s also a huge selection of other TVs from brands such as Samsung and LG.

Features to consider when looking for a Sony Bravia TV Black Friday deal

Focus on resolutionrefresh rate, and panel type.

Resolution: You will likely be enjoying a 4K resolution with any Sony Bravia TV, so you might not need to worry too much about this.

Refresh rate: Again, as said before, if you’re gaming on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you’ll want to snag a 120Hz TV. The Sony Bravia X85K is unlocked to 120Hz, so you’ll be gaming with lightning fast frame rates.

Panel type: You will be aiming to get a Sony Bravia TV with an OLED panel, which is the best that Sony offers.

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Black Friday Sony Bravia TV FAQs

What is the best Sony Bravia TV?

The Sony Bravia A95K is the best overall Sony Bravia TV. It will set you back a big chunk, however we can guarantee its quality.

Where to buy Sony Bravia TV?

Best Buy is a great start to find deals, however the Sony website is also extremely valid.

Are Sony Bravia and other expensive TVs worth it?

Whilst its sometimes unreasonable to expect people to pay top dollar for a television when there’s no clear difference, we can guarantee you’ll see change in Sony Bravia TVs. Sony is a giant in gaming televisions, and the Bravia models deliver on all accounts. It makes them perfect for PS5 and other consoles.

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