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WoW: Dragonflight – How To Fly 

WoW Dragonflight
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Dragonflight is the latest expansion set to reshape the World of Warcraft, bringing new zones to travel and challenges for the Horde and Alliance alike.

After visiting several afterlife realms in Shadowlands, Dragonflight is bringing players back to Azeroth with a bang, focusing on the oft-neglected Dragonflights as a key part of the story. 

And really, what would a dragon-focused expansion be without flight? Dragonflight offers numerous opportunities to allow your character to take to the skies and fly, and we’ll walk you through all the possibilities. 

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How To Fly in Dragonflight – Dracthyr

Dragonflight How To Fly Dracthyr
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The Dracthyr are one of the most important new additions that Dragonflight is bringing to WoW. This brand-new playable draconic race comes with a unique class, the Evoker, capable of wielding powerful destructive and healing magic. But magic aside, It would be a shame to play as this winged draconic race and be completely able to use those wings, right? 

Thankfully, Dracthyr come with some inherent capabilities of flight. Their Soar Ability allows them to take to the skies – moving incredible distances for a short period of time and being fully controllable all the while.  


While the timer for Soar may be limited, activating specific Soar Enhancers will lock you into a pre-planned flight path, taking you right to a specific destination. 

Dracthyr also have access to a limited pseudo-flight through their Glide ability. Glide allows Dracthyr to slow their descent and move significant distances while falling, improving their mobility and reducing most of the risk of taking fall damage. 

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Dragonflight Flying Mounts 

In a departure from the norm, the Dragon Isles – Dragonflight’s new zone – will not allow you to get around on your flying mounts as normal. Mounts will be restricted to ground travel for the time being. The dragons of the isles might not take too kindly to airborne competition, and the last thing you want is for your mount to be blasted out of the sky. 



One of the biggest draws of Dragonflight is no doubt its titular dragons, making Dragonriding a key part of the experience and an effective traversal method. Dragonriding replaces the use of flying mounts on the Dragon Isles, and is an exhilaratingly fast travel option, far outstripping regular mount speeds. 

If you’re worried that the lack of flying mount access might strip out one of WoW’s most beloved personalization features, have no fear. Dragonflight features the ability to customize your dragon too, allowing you to shape your personal dragonrider journey. 

Dragonflight Flying FAQ 

Can Dracthyr Fly in Dragonflight? 

Dracthyr can fly for a short time by using their Soar Ability. 

Can You Fly In The Dragon Isles? 

Flying mounts will not work in the Dragon Isles, the new Dragonriding mechanic is the replacement for the new zone.