World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Druid Forms

World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Druid Forms
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Druid is one of the most versatile specs in the game and their forms emphasize that to an incredible degree. All druids can utilize most forms and as of the last few expansions even the Moonkin for which was previously limited to just the Balance spec. The only form that is limited to a single spec is the Tree of life which is a powerful cooldown for the Restoration Druid.

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Let’s have a look at the different forms, what they’re used for and which uses each form the most…

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Moonkin Form

Primarily used by Balance Druids this form emphasizes your damaging spells and uses astral power to do Star Surges for significant damage.

This can be used by all Druids as it is a talent node in the main Druid and while Balance Druids are in this form a lot other specs can jump into the form to do some ranged damage when it is needed.

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Cat Form

This form is mainly used by the Feral spec, it uses quick attacks and has more recently moved over to a damage over time bleed playstyle.

This form is rarely used by other specs but the Restoration Druid has actually seen quite a lot of use where it is their best option for single target damage if there is no healing to be done.

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Bear Form

The bear form is a very useful form for all Druids, primarily used by the Guardian Druid it increases the defensiveness of the Druid and the amount of threat generated.

This form is incredibly powerful as an on demand damage reduction. Any time a druid is worried about dying, whether that be in raids, dungeons or even PVP a Druid can give themself an instant damage reduction effect by entering Bear Form.

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Travel Form

There is no one spec of Druid that utilizes Travel Form more than others as it is a very universal tool and changes depending on your environment. If you’re in an area where you can fly it will be Flight Form allowing flight. If flying is not enabled then it changes to Cheetah Form giving increased move speed and if you are in water it changes into Aquatic Form increasing swim speed and allowing you to breathe underwater.

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While not the most exciting it is very powerful, no matter the scenario, in combat a short movement speed increase can be crucial for quick repositioning.

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Tree of Life Form

This is the only spec specific form as it is specific to the Restoration Druid. This form acts as a cooldown where it only lasts 30 seconds but significantly increases your healing output during this time.

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The Power of Druid Forms

The biggest power of a Druid may well be its forms, allowing any druid to take on any role at a given time is incredibly useful and with abilities like Heart of the Wild it allows each Druid spec to effectively emulate every spec at once. For example a Restoration Druid could activate this and do some serious damage in melee using Cat Form!

Have fun and good luck with your Druid in Dragonflight. We’ll see you there!