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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhang Liang, General Of Man Boss Guide 

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Few games in recent memory have offered as tricky an introductory fight as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Zhang Liang, General of Man is a brutal foe that will test your burgeoning Wo Long combat skills to the limit. 

If you want to defeat the general in a reasonable amount of time, our guide to mastering Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s combat will be essential. It’s possible to reach Zhang Liang, General of Man very quickly when starting Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. All the essentials of combat may not sink in when exploring the relatively small area of the first mission. Check out our tips and you should be much better equipped to take the general down. 

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhang Liang Boss Mechanics 

Wo Long Zhang Liang Stage 2

Zhang Liang’s attacks may seem relentless, but proper use of guard – and deflect against critical attacks – can make the assault much easier to withstand. 

The boss is also extremely susceptible to being staggered. It is possible to disrupt many of his hardest-hitting moves, as well as locking him into a long string of your own attacks. 


While this multi-stage fight may seem overwhelming at first, know that you don’t have to drop Zhang Liang’s entire second phase health bar to end the battle. Reducing the second phase health to slightly below 50% will allow you to summon the divine beast, ending the fight. 

Using two Deadly Blows on the second form ought to deal enough damage to allow for summoning the divine beast. Whittle them down where you can but pay close attention to criticals and the chance to counterattack. 

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Critical Blows 

Deflect and deadly blow

During his first phase, Zhang Liang will wind up for a wide swing with his bludgeoning weapon. The start-up of this attack is somewhat delayed, don’t attempt to parry right away as you’ll likely be caught out by the time. 

In the fight’s second stage, Zhang Liang will stretch his demonic arm across the battlefield toward you. This is your best chance to deflect, damage the limb and get some good hits in. 

Zhang Liang also has a damaging multi-hit combo on approach, weaving in several critical attacks. Dodging and keeping a safe distance is recommended unless you’re sure you have the timing down. 

It may take some time, but you’ll eventually claim victory and move on to the rest of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s challenges