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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Fengxi Boss Guide

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Fengxi is the boss of the second stage in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This great demon boar can cause trouble for you without proper preparation.

Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help you slay this beast with our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Fengxi Boss Mechanics

Wo Long Fengxi Moveset

Fengxi’s attacks are heavy-hitting, but with a lot more time between blows compared to the previous bosses you’ll have faced in Fallen Dynasty.

While Fengxi’s dangerous blows mean that it can quickly whittle down the health of you and your companion, you will also have plenty of chances to burn through the boss’ health in turn. One way or another, this fight shouldn’t last long.

While the boss’ attention is focused on your companion, circle around to the boar’s flanks and let loose with a heavy weapon to build up spirit meter and stagger. Fengxi can be staggered very quickly in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty; just a few deadly attacks should be enough to finish them off.

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Critical Blows

Fengxi’s first Critical Blow has a huge wind-up time, but can be absolutely devastating if the deflect timing is missed. The boar will rear up on its hind legs and stop towards you, ready to flop down into a body slam when it reaches you. Bait the boar, and when it is about to fall on you, deflect to deal a large amount of stagger.


Fengxi will slowly charge towards you, chewing and spitting you out if it connects, dealing a great deal of damage. Don’t deflect too early, but once Fengxi is close enough you should be able to counter the attack.

Unlike the boss of stage 1 – Zhang Liang – Fengxi is not a multi-stage boss. Throw all you have into roasting this boar and you’ll soon come out on top.