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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Morale Guide

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The Morale system is one of the most unique components of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Both a measure of progress and an additional, optional leveling system, Morale can significantly boost your chances of making it through Wo Long’s stages intact.

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of this important mechanic with our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Morale Boost

Wo Long Morale Boost

Morale is a resource gained by defeating enemies in Fallen Dynasty. The more morale is amassed, the harder you will hit and the more damage you’ll be able to take before dropping.

Conversely, if an enemy defeats you, their Morale will rise by one, making them a slightly tougher opponent when you return for revenge. This push and pull is at the heart of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s combat and progression systems.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Battle Flags and Resolve

Battle Flag

Whenever you die in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, your Morale rank will reset to zero. But don’t despair, your Morale progression will rarely drop that low, thanks to the resolve system.


Resolve raises the minimum amount of morale that you will drop to when defeated. For each additional rank of resolve, you will come back that little bit stronger.

Building Resolve requires finding and raising the Battle Flags dotted around each stage of Fallen Dynasty.

Many Battle Flags will be placed along the stage’s main progression path as checkpoints, enabling you to rest. But several other Marking Flags will be off the beaten path, rewarding – and in some cases necessitating – exploration before taking on a stage’s toughest challenges.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Grinding Morale

If you’re really struggling against a particular section in Wo Long, it can often be worth giving yourself a Morale boost to break through the roadblock.

Finding an area with enemies that can easily be dispatched will allow you to raise your Morale rank quickly. This will grant you more survivability and damage, turning seemingly insurmountable challenges into clashes on even footing.

Don’t be afraid to build up a store of Morale if needs be, it can really make a difference in Fallen Dynasty.

Critical Attacks

Avoiding and deflecting critical attacks is important to master early in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, as this powerful enemy ability has an adverse effect on your Morale.

Whenever you are hit with a critical attack, your Morale will instantly drop by a single level.
It’s possible to raise your Morale again by taking out regular enemies, but being hit by several critical attacks in quick succession when fighting a boss can really hinder your chances of taking them out.

Critical attacks are heavily telegraphed, so be sure to get used to them early on if you want to keep your Morale – and chances of victory – as high as possible.