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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhuyan Boss Guide

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The demonic ape Zhuyan appears partway into Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s second stage; Two Chivalrous Heroes.

After dealing with Zhang Liang, the Zhuyan may seem like a lesser challenge. But make no mistake, this beast can still catch you off-guard and really bring the pain if underestimated.

We’ll show you how to defeat Zhuyan with our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhuyan Boss Mechanics

Wo Long Zhuyan Boss

After the martial prowess of Zhang Liang, it can be strange to switch to fighting such a bestial boss. Instead of watching for wide weapon swings, you are instead dealing with rapid-fire claw swipes and tackles.

Zhuyan will wind up for a chain of claw swipes, but thankfully each swipe is telegraphed heavily in advance by its raised arms.

Zhuyan is capable of hitting both you and your companion at once when slamming the ground. The attack has a wider area than expected, even if you are splitting focus and attacking from the side.

Use spirit attacks to build up stagger between combos, as Zhuyan is fast and can quickly recover or interrupt your bigger swings.

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Critical Blows

Critical Blow Attacks

Zhuyan will rear back onto its legs before kicking off and soaring across the arena in your direction. Deflect just when the beast launches itself toward you. Attempting to deflect too early during the wind-up will leave you severely wounded.


Zhuyan will leap into the air, somersaulting and slamming down for its second critical attack. Watch for the timing initially and deflect just before the beast hits the ground.

Your early encounter with Zhang Liang may have trained you to expect multiple phases in each boss fight, but thankfully Zhuyan only boasts a single health bar in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. While he may hit fast and hard, keep up the assault and you’ll soon emerge victorious.