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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Combat Guide

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features exhilarating, fast-paced combat against a variety of powerful foes. Fallen Dynasty’s many interlocking systems and combat mechanics are incredibly rewarding when mastered, but can take some time to get to grips with initially.

We’ll help speed up the learning process and guide you through key parts of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s combat system right here.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Combat – Deflect

Wo Long Combat Tips Deflect

Deflecting critical attacks – signposted by an enemy flashing red while winding up their attack – is a crucial part of Wo Long’s combat.

If a critical attack connects it will deal significant damage and lower your Morale rank by one. Properly deflecting critical attacks will leave enemies wide open for an insta-kill follow-up, and build up stagger against bosses.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Combat – Morale Isn’t Everything

Wo Long Combat Tips Morale Battle Flag

Morale can be a huge help in getting through some of Wo Long’s toughest challenges. But don’t assume that a high Morale rank is necessary for progressing through the game.

If a boss is taking several tries to defeat, it can be tempting to take regular breaks to grind enemies and keep your Morale high. But this can often be antithetical to learning the boss’ patterns and timing.


Rather than constantly breaking the flow of your boss attempts to grind for Morale, prioritize getting the timing down, and then morale can be a boost to ensure victory instead of a safety net.

Spirit Attacks

Spirit Attack

Spirit attacks may take chunks out of regular enemy health, but the small damage boost may not seem initially worth it when used against bosses.

In a boss fight scenario, spirit attacks remain an absolutely crucial part of your arsenal, but not for damage-dealing reasons. Watching for openings and frequently using spirit attacks will build up stagger much more quickly than simply relying on regular attacks and deflects.

Staggering bosses will drastically speed up their fights, leaving them open to deadly attacks that will drop their initially huge health bars to much more manageable levels.

Experiment With Spells

Wizard Spells

Wo Long’s melee combat is so frantic and adrenaline-spiking that it can be tempting to rely solely on your weapons and martial prowess. But magic is there for a reason.

From ranged elemental attacks to health regen to weapon augmenting, spells provide a lot of varied options to suit your fallen dynasty playstyle. Experiment with which spells work for you.