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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How To Deflect

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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The combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is aggressive and frenetic, encouraging up-close swordplay and dynamic dodges. But no matter how quick your reflexes are, you won’t get far in Wo Long without learning how to deflect.

We’ll help you get to grips with this crucial combat mechanic with our guide.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How To Deflect

Wo Long Deflect Deadly Attack

When an opponent’s attack is incoming, it can be tempting to dodge and attempt a counterattack right away. But often, standing your ground and going for a deflect is the best approach.

Watch for an incoming attack, and press guard – or guard while holding a direction of movement – the moment before the attack connects. If timed correctly, the attack will be deflected.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Deflect And Damage

When dealing with regular enemies, a well-timed deflect can completely break up their attack momentum and leave them vulnerable to a follow-up Deadly Blow.

Boss enemies will always be able to hit hard, and without a high Morale rank, their blows can often be immediately devastating.
Learning boss patterns and deflecting their attacks will help reduce the build-up of the boss’s spirit and keep the damage they inflict to a minimum.


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Critical Deflects

The most crucial reason to master deflects in Wo Long is how they interact with Critical Blows. When an opponent connects with a critical blow, they will deal high damage and instantly lower your Morale rank by one.

Dodging these attacks is recommended, but mastering the deflect timing even more so. Deflecting a Critical Blow will boost your spirit and often completely shut the boss down, bringing them much closer to being vulnerable to a deadly blow follow-up.

Without deflecting critical blows from bosses, you’ll often be facing an uphill battle to wear down their considerable health.