How to dismantle weapons in The First Descendant

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✓ At a glance
  • You have to mark weapons as Junk in your Inventory before you’re able to dismantle them.
  • Dismantling unwanted weapons will give you resources like Superalloy and Liquid Metal.

As your inventory in The First Descendant fills up with weapons of different types and levels, it might be time to dismantle or sell some of them. The game doesn’t make it easy to find out which option is better, yet in time, you’ll need to free up some inventory space. You won’t find a dedicated Dismantle button at first glance, but the process is not as tricky once you know what to look for.

How to assign weapons to dismantle

The trick to dismantle weapons in The First Descendant is to first assign them as Junk items in your Inventory. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your Inventory screen (press I on PC, or Menu, then Inventory on consoles).
  2. Click on any weapon to bring up the list of all the weapons you have gathered.
  3. Assign weapons you don’t want to keep as Jukn by pressing J.
  4. Then, hold Ctrl to dismantle any assigned weapons.
Image of the weapons inventory in The First Descendant, highlighting the options to mark as Junk and dismantle.
To dismantle weapons, you first need to assign them as Junk. Captured by VideoGamer

If you want to get rid of all weapons that are not currently equipped, you can do so by holding Shift to designate all of them as Junk. Then, once again hold Crtl to dismantle all Junk weapons. Be careful when doing this, as it can get rid of some weapons that you’d prefer to keep, such as any Ultimate weapons. Dismantling a weapon won’t affect your Mastery progress and its XP since these metrics are tied to that gun type, rather than the specific item.

What do you get from dismantling weapons and items?

Dismantling items and weapons will yield various resources that you can then use for research and other purposes in The First Descendant. As previously discussed, each item has to be marked as Junk before dismantling. Here’s what you can get:

Dismantled itemResult
WeaponsSuperalloy and Liquid Metal
ReactorsSolenoid and Superconductor Core
External ComponentsVoid Organism
ModulesKuiper Shards

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