How to get Multibucks in The Finals

How to get Multibucks in The Finals
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  • Earn up to 375 Multibucks from the free battle pass and 1200 from the paid one.
  • Get up to 550 Multibucks by earning badges in the new World Tour mode.
  • They can also be bought at the store.

Multibucks lets you buy things from the in-game store, such as cosmetics and other skins for your characters. You can buy packs of these from the in-game store but there are several ways to get them for free. Here’s what you need to know about earning this premium currency.

How to earn Multibucks

You can earn Multibucks (MB) in the Finals via the Battle Pass (375 or 1575) or Season 3’s World Tour mode (550 in total). Instead, you can also pay for Multibucks in the store. This in-game currency is used to purchase bundles, weapon skins, charms, and new outfits with real money. While they don’t affect gameplay, these customization items will help your contestant stand out. Here’s how each of these options works:

A player checks out the battle pass in The Finals.
Earn this currency via the battle pass. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Battle pass rewards

You can earn 375 Multibucks from the free battle pass each Season. And if you buy the battle pass, you can earn 1,200 Multibucks, adding up to 1575 in total. To progress through the battle pass, you must complete contracts by playing matches. Here are the tiers that grant free Multibucks:

  • Level 3: 75 MB
  • Level 22: 75 MB
  • Level 38: 75 MB
  • Level 58: 75 MB
  • Level 83: 75 MB
A player checks out the World Tour mode in The Finals.
Progress in the World Tour to earn cosmetics. Image captured by VideoGamer.

World Tour badges

Outside of the battle pass, Season 3 brings a new way to earn cosmetics via its World Tour mode. Over time, the mode will introduce new rules and maps, keeping Cashout matches interesting. Here’s how much Multibucks you can earn from World Tour (550 in total):

  • Bronze 4: 50 MB
  • Silver 4: 100 MB
  • Gold 4: 150 MB
  • Gold 1: 250 MB
A player checks out Multibucks in the store of The Finals.
Here’s where you can get more of this premium currency. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Multibucks packs at the store

Most things in the shop cost 1,000 Multibucks, which means you will want to save up the meagre Multibucks you get to buy anything meaningful. In our opinion, skins on the storefront are currently priced too high, so we recommend waiting for the prices to drop. Here’s how much each pack costs:

Multibucks PackCost