The Finals – how to use your reserve loadout

The Finals – how to use your reserve loadout
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Setting your main loadout is all well and good, but you might wonder what you can do with your Reserve loadout in The Finals.

A Reserve loadout is exactly what you might expect it to be: separate from your main loadout and potentially a way to give you some more options during fights if you know how to utilise it.

For more on The Finals, make sure you read our guide covering how to join the ongoing open beta and how to equip skins and other cosmetics. Everyone gets a reserve loadout and there is no penalty for using it, so here is how to use your reserve loadout in The Finals.

How to use Reserve Loadout in The Finals

Editing the Reserve loadout in The Finals
Editing the Reserve loadout in The Finals (Image taken by VideoGamer)

To use your reserve loadout, you simply need to press J (if playing on Steam) while respawning. There will be a prompt in the middle of your screen, directly under ‘Request Revive’. This is one of the only times you can do this while you are waiting for the respawn timer to tick down. Changing to your reserve loadout can be done in any game mode during the open beta at the time of writing.

Your reserve loadout should ideally be different to your main one, simply because the idea behind this system is to give you more options if you’ve been killed. For example, if your main loadout is focused on melee or close-range combat, your reserve should include a main weapon that has more range, to give you more options.

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You should tweak your Reserve Loadout to effectively cover any gaps in your playstyle. If you’ve got a medium to long-range weapon but you think the game is going to be close-quarters, change your gun to match that. Equally, your Gadgets should be curated to perfectly counter any situation.

That’s all you need to know about how to use your reserve loadout in The Finals. If you’ve been getting into the game during the October to November open beta, you might’ve encountered some common audio issues, which we know how to fix. Elsewhere, we have a guide on how to change your Embark login username.

The Finals Reserve Loadout FAQs

Why should I set a reserve loadout?

Doing this will help you cover more bases while in a game. You can switch after each death, which means you can effectively have a more versatile loadout.

Can you change the Specialisation with this?

No. You can only change your main weapon and the gadgets you bring into a match.