When does Tekken 8 unlock? Release time countdown PT, ET, UK GMT

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Last year treated us to Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6, and 2024 is immediately treating everyone to the newest installment in Bandai Namco’s legendary saga. The rivalries between the likes of Jin and Kazuya continue once more, and here you will find the official Tekken 8 release date and time countdown for PT, ET, and UK GMT so you know exactly when the game will unlock and you can start playing on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

Before the game launches, you should know the full Tekken 8 characters list as well as all of the voice actors for every fighter part of the roster from day one. The roster consists of fan-favorite returns such as Jin and Kazuya, and there’s a stacked gallery of 32 combatants from day one. It currently boasts a really impressive 90 on Metacritic, and in our review we bestowed it with a perfect 10/10.

Final impressions from many outlets have praised the game as an absolute marvel. It’s great news for fans, and what’s even better is that the official release date and time countdown is nearly over.

Tekken 8 release date

The release date for Tekken 8 is January 25th. Bandai Namco says it comes out on January 26th, but that is the launch day for Japan. While the New Zealand trick will not work on Xbox seeing as there isn’t a local midnight launch per region, there is still a 72 hours early access bonus that comes with owning the Season Pass.

Before tomorrow’s release date, make sure to preload right now on PS5, Xbox, and PC. This will allow you to begin playing the very second the game unlocks. Not only that, but you will also want to preload as it has a gargantuan download size for both consoles and PC.

What time does Tekken 8 come out and ulock?

The release date and time countdown for when Tekken 8 will come out and unlock is 3 PM PT/ 6 PM ET/ 11 PM GMT on January 25th. All of these launch hours have been confirmed through a release time map shared on the official Tekken Twitter account.

Tekken 8 release time map
Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

All of the launch hours are the same across PS5, Xbox, and PC. It launches on all of these platforms at the same time meaning everyone will be able to engage in crossplay multiplayer simultaneously.

Tekken 8 release time US

  • 3 PM PT on Thursday, January 25th
  • 6 PM ET on Thursday, January 25th

Tekken 8 release time UK

  • 11 PM GMT on Thursday, January 25th

Tekken 8 release time countdown

Below is a countdown to the Tekken 8 release time:

Is there a demo?

Yes, there is a demo for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Unfortunately, much like other demos, this trial will only let you experience a few specific in-game features. This includes ‘the first chapter of the Tekken 8 story, The Dark Awakens, and a local versus fighting mode,’ per a post from the Tekken’s X (formerly Twitter) account. You can download the demo right now regardless of your platform.

Pre-order bonus

Below are the pre-order bonuses and prices for every edition available:

Standard – £64.99: 

  • Avatar Costume – Paul Phoenix Set
  •   2 Avatar Skins – Tetsujin, Mokujin

Deluxe edition – £94.99:

  • Avatar Costume – Paul Phoenix Set
  •   2 Avatar Skins – Tetsujin, Mokujin
  •   Playable Character Year 1 Pass
  •   Avatar Skin: Kinjin
  •   Character Costume: Gold Suit Pack

Ultimate edition – £104.99: 

  • Playable Character Year 1 Pass
  •   Avatar Skin: Kinjin
  •   Character Costume: Gold Suit Pack
  •   Avatar Costume: Classic TEKKEN Tee Set
  •   3 Avatar Skins: Kazuya, Jun, Jin
  •   Avatar Costume: Paul Phoenix Set
  •   2 Avatar Skins: Tetsujin, Mokujin

Some outlets also offer exclusive pre-order bonuses as Best Buy offers a Metal Plate while GameStop includes a Magnetic Fight Glove Keyring. Bandai Namco has provided an overview of the DLC characters coming out with the season pass.

Tekken 8 game modes

The latest Tekken 8 game mode that was revealed is the aforementioned single-player Arcade Quest mode. Based on the snippets shown in the exclusive content trailer, you can create your own avatar in this new offering. You can then use the character you’ve made to take on other NPCs in a bracket-style tournament.

It’s currently unclear what other modes will be included with Tekken 8 once it drops. As always, though, we expect it to have a story mode with an exclusive ending for each fighter. You can also expect an online PvP mode since fighting games are often synonymous with competition.

Skins and cosmetics

Much like past installments, Tekken 8 gives you the chance to customize your favorite fighters with a plethora of colorful accessories. Some of the pieces shown in the trailer included several clothing options for Kazuya, cat ears for Nina, a black and yellow getup for Jack-8, and Paul’s classic red gi outfit with its ripped-off sleeves.

The alt costumes, in particular, were a hit among die-hard Tekken fans. One commenter even noted that seeing Raven’s memorable ninja outfit “filled them with joy.” Of course, these won’t be the only costumes you’ll be able to equip once the game drops. Since two classic cosmetics have already been showcased, most of the other characters will likely have their own as well.

Tekken 8 Age Rating

Tekken 8 has a T for Teen rating from the ESRB and a PEGI 16 rating in Europe.

Is Tekken 8 on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, no. Tekken 8 is not on Xbox One – Bandai Namco’s latest fighting game entry is only available on current-gen consoles, such as the Xbox Series X|S.

Is Tekken 8 on PS4?

No, Tekken 8 is not on the PS4. Bandai Namco’s eighth mainline series installment is only available on modern platforms, including the PlayStation 5, so you won’t be able to play it if you’ve yet to upgrade.

For more on Bandai Namco’s upcoming fighting game, check out our Tekken 8 Raven character guide and Tekken 8 Azucena character guide as well. If you want to see what the year’s gaming calendar looks like, take a look at our comprehensive 2024 upcoming games list.

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