Can you double jump in Tears of the Kingdom?

Can you double jump in Tears of the Kingdom?
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Can you double jump in Tears of the Kingdom? Though Link’s athleticism needs no introduction, plenty of platforms and ledges across Hyrule will test our young protagonist’s acrobatic skills. While the new Ascend and Recall abilities will certainly help, nothing beats a classic double jump to make easy work of these obstacles. It also comes in handy during heated tussles with foes.

We’ll outline whether or not you can double jump in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s also worth getting to grips with the Tears of the Kingdom map and checking out our Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands explainer guides to learn how to reach TotK’s new floating land masses.

Tears of the Kingdom double jump: Link looking shocked and being attacked by enemies.
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No, unfortunately, you can’t double jump in Tears of the Kingdom, at least not the usual way we’ve come to expect from games, but you can pull off a trick called shield hopping. Tapping the X jump command triggers a single jump, and following up with another button tap doesn’t trigger a second mid-air jump.

There is, however, a workaround mechanic called shield hopping, which effectively allows Link to double jump. To pull this off, first tap ZL to pull out your shield, then tap X to jump. When Link is in the air, tap the A button to trigger shield surfing. Doing this on flat land or between platforms won’t deploy the shield but instead allows Link to jump much higher and further than a standard jump.

So, while shield hopping isn’t technically a double jump, the effects are virtually identical. The trick is useful when exploring dungeons and shrines, allowing you can bypass environmental puzzles entirely or bound between platforms much easier.

Note that this is based on how double jumping worked in Breath of the Wild. When we get our hands on Tears of the Kingdom later this week, we’ll jump back into this guide and confirm whether the trick has carried over. In the meantime, check out our Tears of the Kingdom dungeons and Tears of the Kingdom abilities explainer guides.