Is Starfield on Switch? Will it ever come to Nintendo Switch?

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Is Starfield on Switch? If you’re a Nintendo fan, you might be wondering about the possibility of seeing Bethesda Studio’s upcoming sci-fi RPG come to the Nintendo Switch console. After all, the likes of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim have made their way on to Nintendo’s handheld.

With the Starfield release date closing in, Starfield early access just moments away and hype for the game only growing, we’ll cover whether or not you can expect to see the game come to Nintendo consoles at launch or later down the line. If you’re wondering about Starfield on PS5 or PS4, or Starfield on Game Pass, we’ve got another couple of guides answering those very questions.

Will Starfield be on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, there are currently no plans for Starfield to come to the Switch. This isn’t hugely surprising, as Bethesda Game Studios are owned by Microsoft, the home of Xbox and as a result of this, there is Xbox exclusivity when it comes to consoles. When Starfield releases, it’s currently planned to come to next-generation hardware in the form of the Xbox Series X /S and PC only.

Starfield on Switch: An astronaut looks out at a ringed planet off to the top left from atop a moon-dust saturated hill.

Could Starfield come to Switch in the future?

It isn’t impossible for this to change at some point in the future. Nintendo and Microsoft have been working together on bringing more titles to the Switch recently. In fact, Micorosft signed a 10-year deal with Nintendo to bring more games to the platform in February.

Microsoft president Brad Smith, said at the time: “We’ve now signed a binding 10-year contract to bring Xbox games to Nintendo’s gamers. This is just part of our commitment to bring Xbox games and Activision titles like Call of Duty to more players on more platforms.”

So, while it’s not out immediately, there’s a very good chance a Starfield port might be made available for the Nintendo platform at some point in the distant future, though don’t expect it to be any time near the game’s launch in September. The good news is we know the Switch tech is capable of handling these large next-generation RPGs. The Switch port of the Witcher 3 played incredibly well and didn’t really suffer as a result of the Switch’s less powerful and out-dated hardware.

That’s everything we have regarding the chances of Starfield on Switch. If you’re still excited for Starfield though there’s plenty more that we know about the game right now. Check out our Starfield factions list if you’re looking for an overview of all the game’s major players, or have a look at some of the fascinating planets you’ll be able to explore, like Jemison and its prospering metropolis of New Atlantis City. There’s loads more to learn about the game.

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