Starfield – how to get ship parts to repair your ship

Starfield – how to get ship parts to repair your ship
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Wondering how to get ship parts in Starfield? You will frequently need ship parts to repair your ship in the midst of a space combat, making them a must-have staple of your ship’s cargo hold. You don’t want to left wanting for ship parts when taking on other starships.

While Starfield does a decent job of stressing the importance of ship parts and how to use them to fix your ship, it doesn’t offer much about how to get them. We’ll outline the easiest way to get ship parts in starfield. If you fancy moving on from The Frontier for something with a bit more space and firepower, check out the Starfield Lair of the Mantis puzzle solution and our Starfield starship weapons guide.

Starfield - how to get ship parts: vendor list selling ship parts for 1225 credits each.

How to get ship parts in Starfield

You can buy ship parts from Starfield vendors or get them as floor loot from destroyed ships. Occasionally, the game gives players these as loot for completing certain quests. Most general vendors in Starfield have starship parts for sale for 1225 credits each.

Be aware that if your ship’s hull is badly damaged and you don’t have the ship parts to repair it or simply don’t want to waste them, you can always head to the Ship Services Technician at any major spaceport who will be able to fully repair your ship for only 1000 credits.

Where to find ship parts in Starfield

In the early game, we recommend visiting Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. From the spaceport landing bay, head down the ramp, take a left up another ramp, and you’ll find the Jemison Mercantile store to the left ahead of you. Other vendor locations where you can buy ship parts include Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City, UC Exchange in Cydonia, and Newill’s Goods in Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii system.

Starfield - how to get ship parts: Jemison Mercantile shop counter in New Atlantis.

Though gunning down spacer and pirate ships gives you free ship parts, this does come with some obvious risks – you could lose the fight. Additionally, not all systems have enemy ships available for you to fight, and not all of them drop ship parts, so you may need to grav jump a few times to find some targets. After destroying a starship, cycle through the available targets in the area until you land on the ship’s loot, then fly in close to grab the ship parts.

Lastly, some quests reward the player with a handful of ship parts, but this is the least reliable way to stay stocked up. We recommend the two methods above.

Always remember that the best way to avoid using up your ship parts during space battles is to take less damage. Investing in a high-class shield module will give your ship’s shield much higher health, reducing the amount of damage that your ship itself will take in the long run, if any at all. Additionally, certain ship modules have higher hull armour, so these vehicles will be capable of taking more damage before your ship is destroyed.

That covers how to get ship parts in Starfield. If you haven’t already, learn how to dock in Starfieldhow to persuade Leah Caslerhow to reach The Key Crimson Fleet base, our Starfield photo mode explainer, and how to lockpick in Starfield with our dedicated guides.