Starfield PC preload download size – how big is Starfield download on Steam?

Starfield PC preload download size – how big is Starfield download on Steam?
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Like many, you’re probably wondering what the Starfield preload download size is? The good news is you can download Starfield right now if you’re on PC. Bethesda’s game is set to be a massive RPG – given, you know, all the space. (Pun not intended.) So allowing players to pre-download a game this large before release means they won’t have to wait around once it launches to get to the important part: playing.

With more than 1000 Starfield planets to explore, and hundreds of companionscrew members and other NPCs, we feel pretty confident that the download for Starfield will take the average player quite a bit of time. So in this guide, we’ll be going through when you can preload the game on Windows PC, as well as how to do it, to make sure you’re all set for the Starfield release date.

When can I preload Starfield on PC?

Starfield preload on PC became available via the Xbox app on Thursday August 17, while the Steam preload went live on August 30. Though the Valve platform preload comes at a later date than its Microsoft counterpart, this should still give you plenty of time to experience it ahead of launch as the early access date is set to kick off on September 1.

Be aware that if you’re planning on playing the Starfield early access, you’ll need to have purchased the Starfield Premium Edition or above to do so. This applies both to buying the game outright, and with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, where you’ll have to have purchased the Premium Edition upgrade in the Xbox store. Otherwise, if you’re playing on the Standard Edition, you’ll be forced to wait until the full launch day.

Starfield PC preload download size on Steam

The Starfield file size on PC is coming in at 86.42 GB according to Steam, which is smaller than what we expected. On Xbox, the Starfield Standard Edition weighs in at around 126GB, with 16MB for the Old Mars Skin Pack. It’s worth noting that there will also be a day one patch for Starfield.

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How to preload Starfield on PC

If you’re unsure how preloading works, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. Simply follow the steps below depending on which app you’ll be using to play the game. Before installing, you’ll want to make sure you have enough storage to download it, so be sure to check out the Starfield download size first.

Starfield PC Preload: The Starfield game page on the PC Xbox app.

How to preload Starfield on PC via the Xbox app

  • Open up the Xbox app on your PC. You can find this easily by searching for it in your search bar.
  • You should see the Starfield banner on the front page, but if not, search for it in the Xbox app.
  • Once you’ve clicked on it hit the “Pre-install” button.

How to preload Starfield on PC via Steam

  • Open the Steam app on your PC. You can find this easily by searching for it in your search bar.
  • In Steam, open the Library, and click on Starfield in the list of games on the left.
  • Under the banner at the top of the screen, click the blue ‘Install’ button to begin the download.

Once you’ve followed the steps corresponding to your specific app, the download will begin and it will just be a case of waiting for it to finish. Once the full release drops, you’ll gain instant access to the game. Be sure to also download the game onto an SSD instead of a hard drive if you have the option, as this will have a massive impact on how quick the game will be able to load.

How to preload Starfield on Xbox

On the Xbox Dashboard, head to the Game Pass tab. Alternatively, head to the Store tab, and search for Starfield. Then, click on the Starfield tile, and you should see the option to Preload the game to your Xbox console.

That covers everything you need to know about the Starfield preload. While your download is ticking away, why not make sure you’re up to date with all the game’s mechanics? If you want a look at the Starfield character creator, or the many Starfield weapons we know about so far, we’ve got you covered.

Starfield preload FAQ

Is Starfield better on PC or Xbox?

That all depends. We know that Starfield will be capable of running at 60 FPS on PCs with powerful enough hardware, while the console version on Xbox X / S will run at 30 FPS. It’s not a game changer, but for many PC will be the way to go when playing Starfield.

Will Starfield be out on PC?

Yes. The game is set to be released on September 6th and will launch on PC and Xbox Series X / S consoles.