Starfield day one patch guide

Starfield day one patch guide
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You might be wondering if there is a day one patch for Starfield.

Starfield is from the same people who brought Elder Scrolls and Fallout to the world, Starfield is expectedly a hugely expansive game. However, with such a game having already launched into early access – we’ve seen a few errors and crashes here and there. We’ve already covered how to fix crashing and low frame rates, though a day one patch would surely sort that out – so let’s have a look at whether we think there’s going to be one or not.

Is there a day one patch for Starfield?

A day one patch has launched for Starfield.

When Skyrim launched all the way back in 2011, it also saw a day one patch. Similarly, Fallout 4 also had a day one patch. However, the good thing is that none of these games were locked into being online only, so if you were keen to get started playing without the excess download – you’re going to be able to. To answer the question clearly – there is a day one patch for Starfield, too.

However, as we’ve already said, it won’t stop anybody from playing the game as soon as the release time has elapsed.

The day one patch, already launched, featured updates to various bug fixes that squeezed through the early access release period. In our experience creating the best graphics settings and performance benchmarks, it doesn’t seem like the game needs much heavy optimisation. That said, there’s a few things here and there which need sorting out.

Starfield day one patch notes

Recently, a sumptuous leak hit the internet including the alleged patch notes for Starfield’s day one update. The leak claims that the update is version 1.7.23, which is corroborated by recent news that Bethesda are “checking under every rock” ahead of the release of the game.

Included in these patch notes are reassurances of “Performance and Stability fixes” alongside a few “Visual” and “Gameplay” fixes. Alongside that, it seems as though there’s also a few changes to quests which had been causing issues with the game’s progression.

It’s not certain whether or not these patch notes will prove to be accurate, we’re only going to be able to wait and see when the game launches next week into early access.

Starfield day one patch file size

The Starfield day one patch is 15GB on Xbox and 13.4GB on PC. Before we approach the global release time, make sure to consider the download size.

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