When is the next Starfield patch? Our release date prediction

When is the next Starfield patch? Our release date prediction
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If you’re interested in the next Starfield patch, our release date prediction might interest you. Starfield has launched pretty successfully, and there’s a surprisingly small amount of bugs and errors to contend with. This is great news for anyone who’s looking to play Bethesda’s latest game – yet there are still some out there curious about when the next update might arrive.

However, even with the best graphics settings for Starfield, you’re going to be struggling to see perfect performance. A patch would be a welcome change. Luckily, we’re set to have our next one, as announced by Bethesda.

When is the next Starfield patch?

The next Starfield patch will be arriving towards the end of November, according to an announcement made by Bethesda through the game’s official X account. Based on the general changes included with the developer’s statement, the imminent update “will feature Nvidia DLSS support with frame generation, display and HDR controls for supported systems, and other optimizations and improvements.”

Before its actual launch, Bethesda will place this next patch into Steam Beta during the week of November 5 to gather feedback from players who want to try it out. Of course, the fixes and additional features listed aren’t the only ones that will be included, as there will predictably be more introduced once it actually gets launched.

The previous Starfield patch arrived on September 13, 2023, and brought a number of improvements on both PC and Xbox Series X|S, mainly focused on stability. Check out the full Starfield patch notes for all the details.

As for the next patch, we have had confirmation from Bethesda via their blog that there will be more updates on the way at ‘regular’ intervals. While we can’t say for certain when that will be, we do know that we can expect one sooner rather than later. Bethesda also confirmed that Starfield DLSS support would feature in one of these updates for those playing the game on PC with an Nvidia card.

Starfield next update release date prediction

Starfield has been in development for over eight years. Todd Howard has insisted that they are leaving no stone unturned with the launch. Even receptions to the launch have begun complaining that there are no bugs.

In light of that, it seems as though there’s probably no need for the next patch for Starfield to arrive so soon. We predict that after this next update, we could see another towards the end of the year – probably at the end of December, ahead of the new gaming season.

Starfield community patch notes

Despite the launch of the game being just a few days ago – Starfield modders have already worked on a community patch that will overhaul a few things with the game, including game-breaking exploits and faulty missions. However, there’s no word on whether there’s going to be an overhaul to Starfield’s performance, which is showing signs of struggle.

The first community patch for Starfield pledges to fix over 100 issues with the vanilla game, covering the following issues at the very least:

  • Misplaced objects
  • Script errors
  • Inconsistencies in item properties
  • Faulty missions/quests
  • Game-breaking exploits
  • Missing attributes (such as tags, header flags, etc)
  • Spelling errors

Does Starfield even need an update so soon?

With the launch only really just happening, it seems as though Starfield doesn’t even need an update to change anything. Bethesda games have historically been known for their bugs being slightly enjoyable.

This screenshot borrowed from this Reddit thread seems to jokingly poke fun at Bethesda’s history with bugs. We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates to Starfield. Perhaps it will fix the growing crashing and low FPS issues, though we imagine these are going to require quite a large update.

That covers all you need to know about when the next Starfield patch is going to be. While you wait, check out our pages on the Starfield Vanguard motto guide, the Starfield Juno’s Gambit quest guide, and the Starfield Shipping Magnate achievement guide.