How to clean the fish tank in Jedi Survivor

How to clean the fish tank in Jedi Survivor
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Wondering how to clean the fish tank in Jedi Survivor? You unlock this aquarium in Pyloon’s Saloon once you free Dagan Gera from the bacta tank in the forest array, as it’s at this point the entire upstairs of the bar becomes available to you. When you interact with the fish tank for the first time though, you’ll notice that it’s dirty.

The fish tank is related to Skoova Stev, one of the many interesting characters that make up the Jedi Survivor cast, but to clean it, you must recruit him first. With so many Jedi Survivor planets to explore, he could essentially be anywhere – but as you’ll soon find out, he’s not too difficult to find after all. Here’s the lowdown on how to clean the fish tank in Jedi Survivor.

How to clean the fish tank in Jedi Survivor: Cal speaking to Skoova Stev before he catches the See Fish.

Jedi Survivor fish tank explained

In order to clean the fish tank, you must recruit Skoova Stev, then catch fish, as the more fish in the tank, the cleaner Skoova Stev will make it. Skoova Stev can be found a stone’s throw from Pyloon’s Saloon, in Foothill Falls on Koboh. To find him, take a right turn as you leave Pyloon’s Saloon, and head up the hill between two steep canyon walls, with rusted sheet metal on the floor.

Take a right turn at the junction, then jump on the zipline next to the prospector who introduces you to Prospector’s Folly. Skoova Stev is sat on his boat by the small lake at the end of the zipline. Speaking to him will introduce you to the fishing mechanic, when he dives into the water and catches a See Fish for you.

After this, Skoova will maintain the fish tank for you, but in order to clean it, you must find Skoova in other locations throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor. He’ll catch more fish for you, and as the fish tank becomes fuller, the cleaner it will become. You need to catch around four or five fish for the tank to become clean enough to properly see all the fish inside.

What do you get for cleaning the fish tank in Jedi Survivor?

Cleaning the fish tank simply allows you, and all of the other patrons in Pyloon’s Saloon, to see the fish you’ve found clearly.

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