Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor co-op?

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Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor co-op? Cal Kestis’ journey picks up after Fallen Order, offering players a brand new lightsaber-swinging adventure through the galaxy with plenty of new enemies and challenges to take on. While Jedi Survivor is first and foremost a single-player experience, much like its predecessor, we won’t blame you for wondering if you can jump in alongside a pal to take on the Galactic Empire.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything we know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor co-op. Check out the Jedi Survivor planets and Jedi Survivor enemies for a peek at what’s in store when you jump in.

Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have co-op?

No, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a single player game and doesn’t feature co-op. You won’t be able play with friends. Respawn Entertainment has remained steadfast in its dedication to building out this world as a single player experience and has carried over this aspect from Fallen Order to Jedi Survivor.

Is Jedi Survivor multiplayer?

No, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a purely single player game with no multiplayer component to speak of. Player can only tackle the game solo.

Is Jedi Survivor split screen?

No, Star Wars Jedi Survivor does not feature split-screen co-op play of any kind. As a single player-only game, Jedi Survivor does not offer any modes you can play online or with friends.

Though we know Jedi Survivor doesn’t offer co-op, it isn’t a simple carbon copy of the original with a new story tacked on. The game promises plenty innovations, such as the Jedi Survivor open world, Jedi Survivor enemies, and more customization options that the original. If you hoping to jump in, check out whether a Jedi Survivor Game Pass release is on the cards and the Jedi Survivor system requirements if you plan to play on PC.

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