Spider Man 2 spider bots – locations and how to find them

Spider Man 2 spider bots – locations and how to find them
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Spider-Man 2’s going to introduce Spider-Bots to the game. Ganke is going to be your main source of information on this strange phenomena. They seem to radiate a strange, psychedelic aura from them – indicating their position from fairly far away. However, unlike big collectibles such as Marko’s Memories, you won’t see this on the mini-map.

Finding them can be a huge pain, and you’re likely going to have to take this collection pretty slowly as you traverse through the game. I wish someone had told me that before I finished the plot. After I finished the game, I found it pretty difficult to locate each spider bot – though here’s some top tips that I was putting into practice to find the last couple.

How to find spider bots in Spider-Man 2

You can use the map to count how many spider bots are in each district. This means you won’t be running around looking for spider bots in districts where you’ve collected them all.

There’s also a traversal upgrade you can purchase which reveals all tech parts on the map. While this doesn’t sound useful, it’s actually going to show you spider bots on the mini-map too.

Aside from that, turning up the in-game volume was a huge help at finding the last couple of Spider-Bots. When you’re nearby, you’ll hear a shrill pulsating suggesting their nearby presence.

Once you have collected them all, you’re going to notice a few similarities between them all. They’re all from different versions of Spider-Men. Notably, there’s some for characters who haven’t even been introduced in Insomniac’s Spider-games, such as Gwen Stacy.

Once you have collected them all, you’re going to find a location in Hell’s Kitchen. Head on over there, and a strange person is going to talk to you through a multi-dimensional portal. This is Delilah, a dropped Spider-Verse character, and she will name drop Miguel O’Hara, otherwise known as Spider-Man 2099. In fact, there’s also a Spider-Man 2099 suit you can unlock in-game, alongside Into and Across the Spider-Verse suits too.

This could potentially be setting up a multiversal crossover between Spider-Men, though we already know that Insomniac’s Spidey has visited the Spider-Army thanks to his appearance in Across the Spider-Verse. This is just one of many Spider-Man 2 Easter eggs, while others include a sneaky reference to Daredevil.