Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teases Daredevil once again

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teases Daredevil once again
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Across Marvel’s Spider-Man games, Insomniac have consistently teased the Daredevil’s existence. The first game featured a Nelson and Murdoch’s reference through a backpack collectible, and you could even see the attorney’s law firm in Hell’s Kitchen. While these references didn’t quite make it into Spider-Man 2, there’s still a sneaky reference to the Daredevil towards the end of one of the missions.

Once you have completed all of the Marko’s Memories missions, Peter Parker is going to looking over Keemia’s house. Concerned that Kraven’s manipulation might have ruined Flint Marko’s chances of rehabilitation, Peter Parker notes that he might be able to “ask some lawyer friends to help.”

At this point in Peter’s life, there’s little reason for him to have had many run ins with the law. His identity is still concealed and, despite J. Jonah Jameson’s smear campaign against him, Spider-Man is pretty much invincible in the eyes of the law.

Spider-Man 2 teases a city.

There’s actually quite a few lawyer characters within the Spider-Man universe. There’s Foggy Nelson, Jennifer Walters, and a few other minor characters. However, the most notable is Matt Murdoch. Also known as Daredevil, the character is actually one of Spidey’s best friends in the comics too.

The disappearance of Murdoch’s law firm in Hell’s Kitchen was certainly a deliberate choice, especially after the backpack Easter egg seems to hint that Peter and Matt will interact in the future. Peter’s reference to “some lawyer friends” might be in response to the business card, though it’s also possible that Pete and Matt have since become friends in the years between the first game and its sequel.

Marvel’s Wolverine will be the next new comic game released by Insomniac, and will likely tie into Spider-Man somehow. Mentions of Madripoor and Miles’ Wolverine suit make this clear. However, an Insomniac Daredevil game would definitely make some fan’s hearts pulsate.