Payday 3 Rock the Cradle stealth heist guide (solo pacifist)

Payday 3 Rock the Cradle stealth heist guide (solo pacifist)
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Here’s a full breakdown of our Payday 3 Rock the Cradle heist guide.

Nothing quite beats completing a mission completely in Stealth mode, so here’s our guide on how to do it like a pro. You’re going to be heading over to a nightclub, slipping behind the booze-eyed guards and grabbing a physical crypto wallet stacked with cash. After that, you might want to slip out in the quiet of night, or you can whip out your gun and start stealing everything else.

You’re not necessarily going to need the best stealth build, though it would certainly help you out in some instances. For me, Rock the Cradle was one of my favourite heists in Payday 3, so get ready for a wild ride into the darker sides of nightlife.

Payday 3 Rock the Cradle stealth guide

If you’re stealth-ing Rock the Cradle, you’re presumably after the crypto wallet holding all of the club’s earnings. You’re not going to want to leave without this, but you’re going to want to stack other goods onto your loot. Throughout the map there are bricks of cocaine, wads of cash, and hidden pieces of art that you’re going to want to take home with you. We’re going to go through where to find these, alongside sneakily getting through the heist without getting caught.

How to get the VIP invitations in Rock the Cradle

Inside the club, you’re going to head to the far end. Opposite the VIP Lounge, and on the left of the Neon Lounge Bar, there’s going to be a little door. Use a lockpick to force your way inside, being wary of the bartender who might see you breaking and entering.

Head up the stairs and leave the stairwell, ignoring the two doors the right. In the main room, you’ll see the DJ raising the roof above the dancefloor – ignore him too. On the other side of room, there’s a door. A security camera is overlooking this area, so run beneath it and get inside the office. You’re now in Rifkin’s office, and her computer is going to be useful for all of this.

A screenshot of a room in Payday 3, a video game.

Interact with the PC, and you’ll see a cabinet on the left protected by a glass panel controlled by a QR code. We’re going to want to get inside this to nab an invitation to the VIP lounge.

After this, Rifkin is going to be highlighted, and you’re going to need to hack her phone. Stand behind her and hack it when not observed. After this, you’re going to need to linger for a bit until you’ve cloned the QR code. After this, you can head back to her office and open up the cabinet. Take the VIP invitations, and don’t forget the piece of art inside – it’s worth quite a bit.

Now you’ve got the VIP invitations, you’re going to need to verify them with an RFID scanner. As a side note this frustrated me to no end – mainly because the bouncer only checks the invitations with his eyes. Unless he’s got a cybernetic eye complete with an RFID scanner, he’s a phoney. Anyway, I digress.

Right, you’ve got the invitations and you need to verify them. The scanner is going to be in one of two places, depending on what seed you get for the heist. The first location, much easier accessed, is a room on the left of the VIP Lounge. Lockpick your way in and then, ducking under the security camera, use the computer to verify them

You’re now ready for the VIP lounge, which is a whole other beast.

How to get into the VIP room without an invitation

Alternatively, you can skip most of the above by doing a cheeky little trick. It’s important to note that this technique only works if you’re playing the game on Hard difficulty, which is going to make things a lot harder in a few other places. Here’s what you can do:

Head inside the club and go towards the VIP area. You’re going to be able to lockpick the door on the right and run in quickly. As the room is a secure area, you’re going to be able to attract the attention of the guards on the right and they will rush out. You’re then going to be able to steal the blue keycard from the guard on the right.

How to get into the IT Room in Rock the Cradle

You have two options here – invading the poker game and kidnapping the accountant, or continuing as a pacifist and stealing a keycard from the IT room.

The latter is the easier option, and you’re going to need to head to the otherside of the VIP lounge. On the far right, past the dancers and a bouncer, there’s going to be a lockpick-able door that you will find a computer room in. On the bookshelf there will be a red keycard, and there’s also going to be a handful of goods inside the room – cash and cocaine. Bag these and drop them off with your co-heisters. Before you leave though, don’t forget to have a look for the Vault Code which is going to be in the room.

How to get the crypto wallet in Rock the Cradle

Now you have the red keycard, you’re going to be able to use that to get inside the IT room. The IT Room is next to the bathroom, if you didn’t know. You’ll find the crypto wallet in this room, and you’ll be done. That is, unless you want the contents of the Vault too.

How to get into the Rock the Cradle vault

Thee vault will be near the crypto wallet loot drop point, on the far side of the VIP room. Grab everything you need and get the hell out of there.

How to escape the nightclub in Rock the Cradle

That’s everything we’ve got on how to stealth the Rock the Cradle heist in Payday 3. For more related content, you might be interested in our Payday 3 Road Rage guide, or even the Payday 3 No Rest for the Wicked stealth guide. Other things that might interest you include our best assault build and best graphics settings. Finally, we strongly implore you to have a look at our Payday 3 review.