Palworld how to find and catch Mau – Mau locations and drops

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Looking for how to find and catch Mau in Palworld? Catching every Pal that you can is a great way to build your strength on Palpagos, some Pals are harder to find than others.

Not every Pal you’re looking for in the Paldeck will be found wandering out in the open on the map. One example of this is the subject of today’s article, Mau. This Dark-type cat-inspired Pal adds a lot of value to your team, but finding it isn’t the easiest of tasks. To make things easier though, we’ll be explaining exactly where to look to find your very own Mau.

Where To Find Mau in Palworld

Mau is commonly found in dungeons like the Hillside Cavern. You can find it in the dungeons around the Marsh Island Church, as well as Grassy Behemoth Hills and Plateau of Beginnings. You might have to clear a few enemies and travel to the depths of the dungeon to find Mau but those Gold coins make it worth it.

The Palworld map with the location of Mau highlighted
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Scouring the outside of these dungeons will usually prove fruitless since Mau hasn’t been sighted outside of the dungeons. The three areas mentioned above have seen a higher density of Maus so it is more than likely that you’ll find what you’re looking for over there.

Looking for dungeons near the Plateau of Beginnings is a good start since you’ll find low-level Maus and other Pals there. The starting level for Mau is usually around level 10 so you should go out to get them and add another element unlocked to your Paldeck.

How To Catch Mau in Palworld

To catch a Mau, you’ll need to attack it with a ranged weapon and capture it using a Pal Sphere. The challenge with Maus is their tendency to flee upon spotting any danger, rendering melee attacks or melee Pals ineffective against them. However, a viable strategy you can use to catch Mau is to use a range weapon to catch it off guard. After landing a hit with the ranged weapon, you should quickly deploy a Pal Sphere to successfully capture your own Mau.

Make sure you go into parts of the cave where there are no enemies nearby otherwise, things could get ugly fast. Also, make sure you don’t kill the Mau since it doesn’t have a high health bar. Hit it with low damage attacks so there’s still a fraction of health left before you throw your Pal Sphere.

What Items Does Mau Drop?

Mau drops Gold coins. Gold coins are a pretty essential resource since they’re all you need while buying items or Pals directly from an in-game NPC vendor. Having more gold coins is never an issue and that’s why Maus are so highly sought after. An abundance of Gold coins means that you can buy higher-tier items and even Pals straight from the shop.

Mau Weaknesses and Strengths

Mau is a Dark-type Pal so it is weak to Dragon-type Pals. If you’re going to capture a Mau, it is best to take a Dragon-type Pal by your side to help defeat Mau swiftly. Since you’re in a dungeon and will receive a lot of experience, it is best to take a Pal that you plan on using ahead.

Pals to fight Mau with

Unfortunately, Dragon-type Pals are not abundant. You will likely not be catching any in the early game. This makes it a bit harder to fight Mau, but it can still be done. Just don’t use a Neutral-type Pal, since Dark-types are strong against them.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and getting Mau in Palworld. Be sure to check out where to find Daedream and how to get Dumud if you’re looking to add more Pals to your lineup.

Palworld Mau FAQs

What is the best place to find Mau?

Mau is typically found in dungeons. If you head into a low-level dungeon, you can find one easily.

What Pal should be used to weaken Mau?

Dragon-type Pals are best for taking on Mau since Mau is a Dark-type. However, you likely won’t have one yet. Use any of your higher-level Pals that aren’t Neutral-type instead.

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