Wumpo Palworld – Wumpo spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

Wumpo Palworld – Wumpo spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations
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Are you wondering how to find and catch Wumpo in Palworld? This powerful ice-type Pal is one of the strongest you can find in the northern region of the map. This Pal is also one of the best for your camp so it is a great find if you can manage to catch it.

If you are searching for Pals, be sure to check out how to find and catch Felbat in Palworld. You can also check out how to find and catch Helzephyr in Palworld. There are a lot of Pals to track down around Palpagos Island. Here is how to find and catch Wumpo in Palworld.

Where to find Wumpo in Palworld

Wumpo is an ice-type Pal that is located in the northern mountain region of the map. Wumpo appears everywhere in the area but is easily spotted near the Pristine Snow Field fast travel point located at -341, 270 on the western side of the mountains.

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Wumpo can be found in this area during both the day and the night. Coming at night will make it more difficult to find Wumpo but can give you a greater chance to catch it. Be careful of other powerful Pals in the area like Reindrix.

How to catch Wumpo in Palworld

Wumpo is not an easy Pal to catch thanks to its brute force. Lowering Wumpo’s health with Pal attacks and weapons and then using a Pal Sphere is the main way to obtain Wumpo. Of course, you can also get Wumpo by breeding other Pals.

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If you decide to catch Wumpo the old-fashioned way, be sure to bring a fire-type Pal such as Suzaku, Wixen, or Ragnahawk as these are all strong against Wumpo. Since Wumpo will appear around level 40, you will want to bring stronger Pal Spheres such as Hyper Spheres or Ultra Spheres.

There is another variant of Wumpo named Wumpo Botan. This grass-type version of the Pal is one that we find to be stronger and more adaptable.

Wumpo’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Wumpo is an ice-type Pal. This means that it is weak to fire-type attacks. Using a fire-type Pal is the best way to damage Wumpo. This Pal is also strong against dragon-type Pals.

Wumpo item drops, partner skill, and work suitability

Wumpo has a chance to drop Ice Organs and Beautiful Flowers. Ice Organs are used to craft cold-resistant armors, coolers, and more. Beautiful Flowers are mainly used to craft medicines.

Partner Skill

Wumpo has the Guardian of the Snowy Mountain Partner Skill. This partner skill states, “Can be ridden. While in the team, Wumpo helps carry supplies, increasing the player’s max carrying capacity.”

Work Suitability

Wumpo has the following work suitabilities:

  • Handiwork lvl 2
  • Lumbering lvl 3
  • Transporting lvl 4
  • Cooling lvl 2

Wumpo breeding combinations – How to breed Wumpo

The following Pals can be bred to create an egg that will spawn a Wumpo:

Parent 1Parent 2
NitewingSurfent Tera
Wumpo Breeding Combinations

That is everything you need to know about Wumpo. Be sure to also check out how to find and catch Quivern in Palworld. You can also check out how to find and catch Mammorest in Palworld.

Palworld catch Wumpo – FAQ

What Pals should you use against Wumpo in Palworld?

Pals like Suzaku, Wixen, Ragnahawk, and Bushi are all strong against Wumpo.

What Pal type is Wumpo strong against in Palworld?

Since Wumpo is an ice-type Pal, it is strong against dragon-type Pals like Jetragon and Relaxaurus.