Wumpo Botan Palworld – Wumpo Botan spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

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Are you wondering how to find and catch Wumpo Botan in Palworld? This strong grass-type Pal is one that you won’t want to miss as you start reaching the higher levels in the game. The grassy guardian is one of the strongest you can snag at this point.

If you are tracking down Pals, be sure to also check out how to find and catch Wumpo in Palworld. You can also check out how to find and catch Mossanda in Palworld. We are gathering every Pal in the game and there are a lot. Here is how to find and catch Wumpo Botan in Palworld.

Where to find Wumpo Botan in Palworld

Wumpo Botan can be found in two areas around the map. First, it can be found at Wildlife Sanctuary 2 at coordinates -673, -114 on the western edge of the map to the north of the volcano. In this area, you will find normal Wumpo Botans roaming around.

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Wildlife Sanctuary 2 is an illegal location so remember that traveling there is a crime. If you are caught, you will get a wanted level and be chased by the PIDF.

The other location you can find Wumpo Botan is on the eastern side of the map at coordinates 461, 56 near the Eastern Wild Island fast travel point. This Wumpo Botan is an Alpha that is level 38. Be sure to come prepared before attempting to take this alpha on as it can prove to be quite a challenge. We recommend bringing a couple of fire-type Pals as this will easily help you take down this Pal’s health bar.

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How to catch Wumpo Botan in Palworld

As with any Pal, you will need to weaken WUmpo Botan with weapons and Pal attacks and then use a Pal Sphere to catch it. We recommend using Hyper or Ultra Spheres to catch this Pal since you will find it around level 35 to 40.

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Be sure to bring Pals such as Vanwyrm, Flambelle, Arsox, Wixen, or other fire-type Pals. These Pals are strong against Wumpo Botan and will help you deplete its health quickly.

Wumpo Botan Strengths and Weaknesses

Wumpo Botan is a pure grass-type Pal. Because of this, it is weka to fire-type Pals and attacks. Wumpo Botan is strong against ground-type Pals making it great to use against Pals like Dumud, Digtoise, Anubis, and more.

Wumpo Botan item drops, partner skill, and work suitability

Wumpo Botan has a chance to drop Lettuce Seeds, Tomato Seeds, and Beautiful Flowers. While the seeds are used to grow food and make meals, the Beautiful Flowers are used to craft camp items and medicines.

Partner Skills

Wumpo Botan has the Guardian of the Grassy Fields partner skill. This partner skill has the following effect: “Can be ridden. While in team, Wumpo Botanhelps carry supplies, increasing the player’s max carrying capacity.”

Work Suitability

Wumpo Botan has the following work suitabilities:

  • Planting lvl 1
  • Handiwork lvl 2
  • Lumbering lvl 3
  • Transporting lvl 4

Wumpo Botan breeding – How to breed Wumpo Botan

The following Pal combinations will get you Wumpo Botan if you decide to breed them:

Parent 1Parent 2
NitewingSurfent Tera
Wumpo Botan Breeding Combinations

That is everything you need to know about Wumpo Botan in Palworld. Be sure to also check out how to find and catch Helzephyr in Palworld. You can also check out how to find and catch Hangyu in Palworld.

Palworld catch Wumpo Botan – FAQ

What Pals should you use against Wumpo Botan in Palworld?

You should use Pals like Flambelle, Arsox, Vanwyrm, Wixen, and other fire-type Pals against Wumpo Botan.

What Pal type is Wumpo Botan strong against in Palworld?

Wumpo Botan is strong against ground-type Pals thanks to its grass typing.

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