Mossanda Palworld – Mossanda spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

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Are you wondering how to find and catch Mossanda in Palworld? This strong grass-type Pal is one that you don’t want to miss in the mid-game. After all, it has a powerful partner skill that can help you clear enemy camps and put a stop to raids.

If you are searching for Pals, be sure to also check out how to find and catch Azurobe in Palworld. You might also be interested in knowing how to find and catch Hangyu in Palworld. There are a ton of Pals to track down across Palpagos Island. This guide will show you how to find and catch Mossanda in Palworld.

Where to find Mossanda in Palworld

You can find Mossanda around the central part of the map in the Mossanda Forest. While Mossanda can appear in a large number of areas around the central islands, we mostly found it around the Mossanda Forest fast travel point.

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Mossanda appears during the day. At night, you can often find this Pal sleeping, giving you a chance to sneak up on it. Since Mossanda is a fairly common find, you shouldn’t have difficulty locating it.

How to catch Mossanda in Palworld

As with any Pal, you need to weaken Mossanda with weapons and Pal attacks and then use a Pal Sphere to capture it. You will most likely run into Mossanda around levels 25 to 30 so be sure to come prepared with Giga Spheres or Hyper Spheres when you attempt to catch one.

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Bring Pals with you like Kitsun, Arsox, Pyrin, or Flambelle as Mossanda is weak to all of these and it will allow you to take them down more quickly.

Mossanda Strengths and Weaknesses

Mossand is a pure grass-type Pal. Because of this, it is weak to fire-type Pals and attacks. Mossanda is strong against ground-type Pals like Digtoise, Dumud, and Anubis.

Mossanda item drops, partner skill, and work suitability

Mossanda has a chance to drop Mushrooms, Leather, and Tomato Seeds when defeated or captured. Mushrooms can be used to make meals, leather is used for armor and some furniture, and tomato seeds are used to grow tomatoes.

Partner Skill

Mossanda has the Grenadier Panda partner skill. This skill has the following effect: “Can be ridden. Can rapidly fire a grenade launcher while mounted.”

Work Suitability

Mossanda has the following work suitabilities:

  • Planting lvl 2
  • Handiwork lvl 2
  • Lumbering lvl 2
  • Transporting lvl 3

Mossanda breeding combinations – How to breed Mossanda

The following Pals can be bred to create an egg that will spawn a Mossanda:

Parent 1Parent 2
Mossanda Breeding Combinations

That is everything you need to know about Mossanda. Be sure to also check out how to find and catch Wumpo in Palworld. You can also check out how to find and catch Helzephyr in Palworld. Since Mossanda is a strong Pal, it can help you gather plenty of wood in Palworld.

Palworld catch Mossanda – FAQ

What are the best Pals to use against Mossanda in Palworld?

Mossanda is weak to fire-type Pals like Flambelle, Arsox, Wixen, Rooby, and Foxparks.

What Pal type is Mossanda strong against in Palworld?

Since Mosssanda is a grass-type Pal, it is strong against ground-type Pals.

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