Palworld best custom settings: Best world options for catching Pals, damage, combat, exploration, and items

Palworld best custom settings: Best world options for catching Pals, damage, combat, exploration, and items
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Wondering what the Palworld best custom settings are? You have come to the right place. Palworld is a game that has a ton of settings for ample customization. You can effectively make the game unique to yourself, and that can change how you play and even increase your enjoyment level. For whatever reason you want to tinker with these things, these are the settings we recommend for one of the best new survival games.

What are the best settings to mess with in Palworld?

One of the first settings you will want to change is the Player Stamina Reduction Rate. It can be quite frustrating to mine away at something or be running from an attack when your stamina bar rapidly depletes and makes whatever you’re doing very difficult. Reduce the metric to the lowest possible number in your settings to help this.

The Dropped Items multiplier is another good setting to take a look at. Pals can drop items you otherwise cannot get, but they’re not a guaranteed drop. Bones, Pal fluids, Pal souls, leather, and so much more drop infrequently, so head into your settings and make sure you’ve got the number as high as you want.

On that same note, the Gatherable Items Multiplier is a great one. This does the same thing as the above setting, but it applies to gathered items. That stone you see sitting on the ground? It yields more. Chopping down a tree does, too. All resources are a lot easier to work with if you turn this up. I recommend looking at the Gatherable Objects Respawn Interval to make sure they show up again soon.

Here’s what I use (Image by VideoGamer)

Your EXP rate is another thing you can tweak. The grind to get to the max level of 50 is a tough one, but it can be made so much easier. Boost the EXP rate and you will start getting XP and levels a lot quicker. Once you do, you’ll be able to catch higher level Pals and craft a lot more items.

Time to incubate a Massive egg is another one you will absolutely want to change. Once you’ve hatched that first Massive egg, you will be painfully aware of how long it takes. Pocketpair has set it at a pretty lengthy interval, so shortening it makes your life a lot easier.

Two things are also good to mess with. The Damage from Player and Damage to Player multiplier are two settings that can have a major impact on the gameplay. If you feel like you’re getting griefed far too often by your server mates, lower the amount of damage you receive from them. If you want revenge, you can increase your damage to them, too.

Another setting you will want to move is the Pal Capture Rate. This determines how likely you are to catch something, and the rate generally gets much lower when you find cool, rare Pals. Therefore, you’ll want to change the setting. Make it as high as possible and ensure that those rare and perhaps even Lucky Pals aren’t a stressful encounter.

The Death Penalty setting is one Minecraft players will be intimately familiar with. Turning this on effectively functions as the “Keep Inventory” setting in that game. In Palworld, the best custom settings include making sure you don’t lose items when a Pal gets the best of you.

Other settings I recommend tinkering with are:

  • Maximum number of dropped items (high)
  • Pal sleep health regeneration rate (high)
  • Damage to Structure multiplier (depends)
  • Damage from Pals multiplier (low)
  • Pal auto HP regeneration rate (high)
  • Player auto HP regeneration rate (high)
  • Structure deterioration rate (low)
  • Custom Day Time speed or Night Time speed (depends)
  • Player hunger depletion rate (low)
  • Pal hunger depletion rate (low)
  • Pal appearance rate (high)
  • Pal stamina reduction rate (low)
  • Max number of guilds (high)

All of these things have a tremendous effect on the game you play. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you might lower all the ones I said to increase. If the game’s giving you a tough time, they can always be lowered to make things just a little easier. Some of them do affect game performance, so make note of which ones do.

This game does have Palworld difficulty settings which automatically change the numbers for the above metrics. There is a custom setting, though, as it is one of the most customizable games out there. This allows you to tweak everything to make it easier, medium, or harder to play for your own special Palworld experience!

How to change settings in Palworld

To change your settings to the best custom settings for Palworld, follow these steps:

  1. Load up the game on either your Xbox console or your PC.
  2. Select your world from the main menu.
  3. Click Change World Settings.
  4. Adjust all the settings you want.
  5. Exit and save.
  6. Open the world and enjoy!

That’s everything you need to know about the Palworld best custom settings!

Palworld best custom settings FAQs

Can I change any setting in Palworld?

All settings can be tweaked up or down in Palworld.

Does Palworld change settings?

Palworld changes settings based on which difficulty level you choose.