Lucio Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Lucio Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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Overwatch 2 includes an updated roster of 35 heroes to master. With each hero offering their own unique playstyle, personality, weapons, and abilities, picking the right one for the job is paramount to success. In addition to each hero being unique, each one of them belongs to one of three specific roles. These roles are tanks that can shield their team from damage, supports who can keep their team healed up, and DPS who can dish out the pain. Lucio is a versatile support hero that can use his extreme mobility to not only keep his team safe but to keep himself out of harm’s way as well. Here is everything players need to know about using Lucio in Overwatch 2.

Who is Lucio in Overwatch 2?

Lucio is a high-mobility roller-blading DJ whose music can help to bolster his team in multiple ways. Depending on the current song that Lucio is playing, his team can either gain movement speed or gain health over time. In addition to providing beneficial effects, his movement allows him to roller-blade along walls, taking the fight to the enemy or using it to escape. For added survivability, he also can knock his foes back, and increase his entire team’s shields. He hasn’t changed too much since the original Overwatch and will feel familiar to anyone picking him up in Overwatch 2. With proper play, Lucio can be a difficult hero for the enemy team to take out, and his heals can make all the difference in any team fight.

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Rework to support healers in Overwatch 2

In the original Overwatch game, matches consisted of two teams of 6 players. In Overwatch 2 however, the team composition has been changed to now only have 5 players per team. What this means is that now each team has one less tank. To compensate for how this shook up the gameplay, every role received a special passive ability. With support characters, such as Lucio, they have the passive ability to begin healing themselves back up after a few seconds of not taking damage. For a highly mobile character like Lucio, he can easily use this to his advantage to duck out of combat, heal up, and return to the fray.

Lucio’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Lucio Weapons and Abilities

Most of Lucio’s abilities are centered around keeping his team in the fight. He offers his team different auras in the form of musical tracks that he can play for them. By mastering his movement as well as knowing when to switch tracks, players can help their team push through any situation and guide them to victory.

Wall Ride

One of Lucio’s signature abilities is Wall Ride. With his specialized roller blades, Lucio can rush towards any wall and jump at it to begin wall riding. When doing so, he will receive a 30% buff in movement speed and can even ride the wall around corners. This can give him an easy way to quickly engage in a fight or a quick way out. In addition, a Lucio that is wall riding is much harder for players to hit, and Lucio’s evasiveness combined with his heals can make him a tough hero to take down.

Sonic Amplifier

For a weapon, Lucio uses the power of sound to damage his foes with the Sonic Amplifier. This weapon fires a 4-round burst which can deal up to 80 damage per burst if all rounds hit. In addition, players can fire 5 total bursts, with 20 rounds in the magazine, before reloading. Players can also learn to fire this special projectile weapon while they are wall riding, being able to heal and do damage at the same time.


As the Secondary Firing Mode to Lucio’s weapon, Soundwave can have a lot of different uses. When Lucio uses Soundwave, it fires a large burst at his targets that causes 25 damage and also knocks them back. Soundwave can be used both offensively, to knock players off a ledge, or defensively, to allow Lucio to escape. In fact, there are some places where players can bump multiple heroes off ledges with Soundwave for Lucio to score multiple eliminations with just one ability. Soundwave has a cooldown of 4 seconds.


Crossfade is basically Lucio’s way of switching auras in Overwatch 2. How it functions is that Lucio will always be playing a specific song, and using Crossfade will switch to the next one. The first song he plays leaves a green aura, which causes allies to receive a 25% speed boost. The second song he can switch to has a yellow aura and causes allies to be healed for 16 per second. His songs have a radius of 12 meters, and any allies who leave them will have the effects last for 1 second before fading away.

In Overwatch 2, Lucio receives a 60% reduction in his Crossfade self-healing. This is because of the support passive that causes him to regenerate health when not taking damage. To balance this out, his total passive healing from Crossfade was reduced. Crossfade has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds.

Amp it Up

When Lucio uses Amp it Up, he causes his music to become louder, and in turn, causes his auras to become more powerful. If Lucio uses Amp it Up with the speed-boosting song, he will boost his allies to 60% move speed. If he uses it while the healing song is playing, his allies will be healed for 52 per second and he will receive 40 healing per second. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 12 seconds before it can be used again.

Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier is Lucio’s Ultimate Ability and it can greatly increase the survivability of his entire team. When Lucio uses Sound Barrier, it causes himself and any allies in a 30-meter radius to receive 750 temporary shields. These shields last for 7 seconds, or until completely depleted, and can help give teams the advantage they need when trying to hold a contested area or push into a chokepoint. 

Tips for using Lucio in Overwatch 2

Lucio is the most mobile support hero in Overwatch 2. Because of this, players should aim to use this to their advantage to avoid being hit. With the changes to support characters healing when not taking damage, Lucio can use his Wall Ride ability to leave the area and heal up quickly, before coming back to support his team. Even though he is a support, he is still a capable fighter and can do a lot of damage, especially when using Wall Ride to dodge incoming fire.

Lucio does have a weakness to any longer-range characters, but with careful movement, this can be mitigated. In addition, Lucio can use his movement abilities, including his speed-boosting aura to get his entire team to different areas on the map quickly. Players can use this to their advantage to get the jump on a team or objective.

Choose Lucio to amplify the chance of winning in Overwatch 2

Every team needs a capable healer, and Lucio can certainly provide the support that his team needs to succeed. With his extreme movement, he can prove an annoyance to the enemy team and he can distract other players by pulling their attention and fire. With careful practice, players can Wall Ride their way to a victory with Lucio in Overwatch 2.