Moira Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Moira Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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Overwatch 2 brings the latest updates to the series’ already extensive roster, bringing the total number of heroes to 35. With each hero having their own unique playstyle, weapons, abilities, and personality, choosing the right one is paramount to building a strong team. In addition, each hero falls into one of three different roles that help to further define them in combat. These roles are tanks that can shield their team from damage, supports that can heal their team, and DPS that can dish out damage to their foes. Moira is a strong support hero which allows her to be a mixture of both DPS and healing, which makes her more of a hybrid character. Here is everything that players need to know about playing Moira in Overwatch 2.

Who is Moira in Overwatch 2?

Moira is a hero that specializes in using her special biotic abilities to provide her team with damage as well as healing. While she is not the best at either of these two categories, her versatility can contribute to any team, and she can fill in for different roles depending on any situation happening in a match. Because of this, she will always have a solid place on any team, but she is known for being hard for the devs to balance due to her having such a wide range of abilities.

Support characters were reworked in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 updated how teams were constructed, reducing them from teams of 6 players down to 5 per team. This change in the number of players on each team reduced the number of tanks on each team by one. To make up for this, each role in the game received their own special passive abilities that can help them out in combat. For support characters such as Moira, the ability they received is to be able to regenerate HP over time after not taking damage for a few seconds. This is a powerful ability and can enable Moira to quickly exit a fight into cover, heal up, and come back to eliminate her foes and heal her team.

Moira’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Moira Weapons and Abilities

In Overwatch 2, Moira plays pretty much the same as she did in the original game. Her playstyle involves dealing damage to foes in order to gain Biotic Energy. Once Moira has enough, she can use it to heal her enemies. In addition, she does gain Biotic Energy over time, although slowly. By alternating between dealing damage and healing her allies, she can be a boon to any composition and help to tilt the situation into her team’s favor.

Biotic Grasp

When playing Moira, players will be able to use powers from her hands to either deal damage or heal allies. Biotic Grasp’s Primary Firing method uses her left hand to fire a beam of healing energy. With this ability, when players target their allies, they will heal them for 70 every second Biotic Grasp is channeled. When the effect ends, it will linger on the target for 2 seconds, healing 35 per second. Players can hold a maximum of 160 Biotic Energy for the Biotic Grasp, and using it drains 12.5 Biotic Energy per second. When not in use, Biotic Grasp will generate 3.84 Biotic Energy per second.

For Moira’s Secondary Fire of Biotic Grasp, she will use her right hand to fire a beam of damaging energy that will injure her foes and restore her Biotic Energy at a rate of 21.85 per second. In addition, this ability will deal 50 damage per second to her enemies and restore health to Moira at a rate of 20 per second. Ammo for this ability is unlimited.

Biotic Orb

With Biotic Orb, Moira launches a Biotic Orb that can bounce off of surfaces, dealing damage to any enemy that it hits, or healing any allies it comes in contact with. The orb will do 50 damage per second to enemies and will restore 65 HP per second to allies. It has a max range of 4 meters for the damaging orb and 5 for the healing orb. Biotic Orb can last a maximum of 7 seconds and has a cooldown of 8 seconds, meaning it can certainly have a lot of uptime.


Fade is an ability that can grant immense survivability to Moira. When she uses this ability her movement speed will be increased by 250% and she will become invulnerable to all damage for .752 seconds. During this period of fading, she will cleanse herself of all negative effects and is able to pick up health packs to restore her own HP. This is best used to reposition or to avoid high damage attacks.


Moira’s Ultimate Ability is Coalescence, which is a mixture of both a healing and damaging ability. When used, Moira will fire a damaging beam that can penetrate barriers, which does 70 damage per second to foes or restores 140 HP per second to allies. In addition, Moira will heal herself for 50 HP per second when using this ability, and her movement speed is increased by 50%. Coalescence has a duration of 8 seconds and takes .5 seconds to cast. However, the beam can be effective up to 30 meters away, making this a great tool to target high-priority targets to heal them up, or strike them down, even through barriers.

Tips for playing Moira in Overwatch 2

Due to Moira’s ability to adapt to deal damage and heal allies, she can be a beneficial hero to have on any team. Her high levels of mobility combined with the additional passive support can give her a lot of staying power. While she is capable of healing targets very well, it does require a special resource to do so, and if a player is unprepared with resources, it can be detrimental to their team, as they will be severely lacking in heals. Still, Moira has amazing sustain and damage potential and really shines in 1v1 fights while supporting her team in the process.

Saving her Ultimate to pierce through barriers can quickly turn the tide during a push. However, Moira can be easily struck down by any hero who can do high burst damage, like Widowmaker or Junkrat. Learning to dip out of combat with Fade can greatly increase Moira’s survivability.

Pick Moira to drain the opponent’s hope of winning in Overwatch 2

Moira can succeed in battle by draining her opponent’s life forces and giving it to her own team. In this same sense, Moira can help to drain the opposing team’s chance of winning with her strong heals and powerful damaging abilities. With proper positioning, she can be hard to take out, and even if caught in a bad spot, she can always use her Fade ability to reposition. Players looking for a solid mix of healing and damage cannot go wrong with a strong hero like Moira on their team in Overwatch 2.