Overwatch 2 Season 2 – Best Heroes for Beginners

Overwatch 2 Season 2  – Best Heroes for Beginners
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With the launch of Overwatch 2, we’ve seen many players return to the game and also a wave of fresh players trying out the hero shooter for the first time. But, with no less than 36 heroes (including the brand new Ramattra) countless modes, and established gameplay etiquette to get to grips with feeling intimidated or overwhelmed is natural. Among the most common questions on the lips of new players, including those hopping over from other FPS games, is what are the best heroes for beginners in Overwatch 2. This guide will walk you through some of the more forgiving, impactful, and easy-to-learn characters in the game.

Before we dive into specifics, it’s worth noting that Blizzard has rejigged the onboarding process for first-time players with what it calls the First Time User Experience. Designed to ease players into the experience and combat disruptive behavior, the FTUE progressively introduces new players to the game with staggered access to game modes and characters. This means that for your first few hours in Overwatch 2 Season 2, you only have access to a limited number of heroes. Fortunately, this hand-picked cast includes some of the best beginner-friendly heroes.

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Best Overwatch 2 Season 2 Support Heroes for Beginners 


Overwatch 2 Best Heroes for Beginners Lucio Select Screen
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Simple, versatile, and mobile, Lucio guarantees a fun time whether you’re a seasoned player or a green newcomer. Part of Lucio’s appeal to beginners is his straightforward and intuitive kit, which means this hero adds value to any team composition by simply being on the map.

Leading the charge is his Crossfade ability which switches his Amp It Up ability between a healing and speed boost depending on what the situation requires. His Soundwave ability is a reliable crowd control tool that’ll blast enemies away, helpful in getting a teammate out of a tricky spot.

Despite being a support, Lucio can fend off most damage dealers with a combination of his Sonic Amplifier weapon and the mobility of his wall-riding passive. Perfecting wall riding takes time, but Lucio is incredibly impactful, even if you haven’t mastered this part of his toolkit. His automatic healing passive means simply loitering near teammates contributes to the team effort. Finally, his Sound Barrier is among the best ultimate abilities and can turn the tide in fights by granting teammates a temporary health shield.


Overwatch 2 Best Heroes for Beginners Moira Select Screen
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If you’re not confident about your aim and want a simple but effective tool kit, Moira is among the best support heroes for beginners in Overwatch 2. The beauty of Moira is that however you use her abilities, you’re either damaging enemies or healing allies.

Her Biotic Grasp ability heals allies as long as you fire it in their general vicinity, so good aim is optional, or fires off a long-range beam that damages enemies but also heals you. This duality also extends to Biotic Orb, a bouncing sphere that can, again, either heal nearby allies or damages enemies.

Moira can also extract herself from tight spots with the Fade ability, which makes her invisible, faster, and invulnerable for a short period. Moira’s ultimate, Coalescence, fires off a hulking beam that either heals allies or damages enemies. And, as with any good support, Moira boasts an automatic heal passive.

Hard to get wrong and easy to pick up, Moira is a top pick for those wanting a gentle and forgiving intro to the support role.

Honorable Mention – Mercy: If you’re looking for a hero that has the potential to impact every game but also reasonably manageable toolkit, then Mercy is a solid option.

Best Overwatch 2 Damage Heroes for Beginners

Soldier: 76

Overwatch 2 Best Heroes for Beginners Soldier 76 Select Screen
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A cookie-cutter stereotype of a traditional FPS character and a long-running favorite among DPS heroes, Soldier: 76 is an excellent option for players transitioning to Overwatch 2 from other FPS shooters daunted by the game’s more exotic characters.

He wields an assault rifle, known as the Heavy Pulse Rifle, with a decently-sized magazine and a secondary grenade-style shot. Biotic Field deploys a heal in an area around Soldier, which also heals allies, while his Sprint ability does what it says on the tin. As for his Tactical Visor ultimate, it automatically aims at targets in view, allowing you to take down enemies without worrying about having the best aim.

Familiar, self-sufficient, and straightforward, Soldier: 76 should serve you nicely if you’re interested in the damage role and want to learn the ins and outs of Overwatch 2 without juggling complex abilities from the get-go.


Overwatch 2 Best Heroes for Beginners Reaper Select Screen
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Reaper is another strong pick for budding damage dealers with a toolkit that’s effective and easy to master. Beginners can get their heads around Reaper far quicker than other damage heroes like Widowmaker and Sojourn and deliver the damage needed to secure wins.

He’s all about getting up close and personal, causing massive damage with his Hellfire Shotguns, then making a swift exit with his teleporting Shadow Step and ghostly Wraith Form abilities, the latter making him invulnerable for a short period.

Better yet, excelling with Reaper doesn’t require spot-on aim and The Reaping passive, which grants health when dealing damage, makes him relatively self-sufficient. As for his Death Blossom ultimate, it deals massive damage to all nearby enemies, handy for plumping up that kill streak counter.

Best Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes for Beginners


Reinhardt Select Screen
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A beginner player and Reinhardt couple well, if only because it’s dead easy to keep teammates protected when launching into a confrontation. His Barrier Field deploys a chunky shield, protecting teammates from oncoming fire, while his generous health bar ensures he stays alive even when in the hands of inexperienced players. But, more specifically, there’s little doubt of Reinhardt’s role when jumping into a game, which should lessen concerns of not pulling your weight even in those first few hours.

Reinhardt’s hulking Rocket Hammer also gives him some major offensive bite; swinging at a cluster of enemies is almost guaranteed to bag a few eliminations. He can also close distances with the Charge ability, which launches Reinhardt forward pining any enemies unlucky enough to be in its path. His Earthshatter ultimate also provides some valuable engage, knocking down enemies and giving your damage dealers a window to score some easy eliminations.

The bottom line is that Reinhardt is hard to get wrong: find the fight, deploy your shield, and swing your mighty hammer when an enemy gets too close.

While these are our recommendations for the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners, it’s worth playing a few games with all the heroes available to first-time players. This will allow you to find one that suits your style but also help you learn how each one works so you can effectively fight them in future matches. Skill-level aside, if you’re looking for a break down of the best heroes in Overwatch 2, including the likes of Kiriko, Roadhog, and Orisa, check out our tier list.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 – Best Heroes for Beginners FAQ

What Are the Best Heroes for Beginners in Overwatch 2?

  • Lucio
  • Moira
  • Mercy
  • Soldier: 76
  • Reaper
  • Reinhardt.