MW3 vests ranked – our best picks for Season 2

MW3 vests ranked – our best picks for Season 2
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Want to know more about MW3 vests?

You’ve come to the right place because we’ll go into more detail here. Vests provide players that equip them with unique perks, meaning the community will be able to experiment with different builds and loadouts.

Of course, the revamped MW3 perks list will require some getting used to before you can use it to its full potential. But with the MW3 Season 2 release date almost here, it’s better to figure things out here than in the middle of a heated firefight. And with that, here’s what you need to know about vests in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

A man in a vest in MW3.
Image via Activision.

What are vests in MW3

Vests are a type of gear that you can wear in MW3. Much like its counterparts, these items, when equipped, allow you to use various perks that can turn the tides of battle in your favor.

For instance, the Engineer Vest disables Lethal Equipment when it’s worn, but it provides you with two Tactical Equipment pieces and an extra Gear slot. With this in mind, you’ll need to consider certain tradeoffs when equipping specific items, so be sure to read what each piece does before bringing it into battle.

Each Season so far brought a new vest to MW3. Season 1 brought the Assassin Vest while Season 2 will bring the Ninja Vest to players.

How do vests work in MW3

Vests are one of four gear types that can be equipped in MW3. Unlike boots and gloves, though, the perks that vests bring are directly tied to the equipment that you can carry. Aside from enabling you to have an additional Tactical Equipment piece and an extra Gear slot, the Gunner Vest allows you to carry a Primary Weapon in a Secondary Weapon slot. The other vests similarly have unique advantages and tradeoffs.

An image of the Gunner Vest in MW3.
Image from VideoGamer.

All vests ranked in MW3

Now that you know how vests function in MW3, here’s our ranking of all the vests in MW3 as of Season 2.

Ninja Vest

Since Season 2 isn’t out, we aren’t sure just how overpowered this new vest is. But if a vest can “eliminate footstep sounds” and allow players to run around silently, it might just upset the existing meta. But expect it to come with some downsides as well. It’s perfect for sneaky players who rely on mobility and SMGs to clean the map. It’s rather similar to the MW3 covert sneakers.

7 – CCT Comms Vest

  • Equipment Slots (One): Field Upgrade (Tactical and Lethal Slots removed)
  • Gear Slots: (Four): Gloves, Boots, Gear x2

This vest lets you get a better picture of the battlefield. With a zoomed-out radar for a more detailed minimap and the ability to see enemies for longer on your minimap, you can act as the team’s overhead scout. Kill enemies while sporting this vest and you can even pick up intel packs that ping other enemy positions. It’s great to get the drop on sneaky enemies or those who prefer to camp it out. A bonus gear slot is great but it comes at the cost of a tactical slot. While these perks are great, not having Stim or Stun Grenades is a big blow to its ambitions of being higher on this list.

6 – Overkill Vest

  • Equipment Slots (Two): Tactical, Lethal (Field Upgrade Slot removed)
  • Gear Slots (Three): Gloves, Boots, Gear

While the Overkill Vest might make you think it grants the Overkill perk, it doesn’t. If it did, it’d be higher up on this list. Instead, you get access to better weapon swap speed and the option of reloading while sprinting. Players wearing the Quick Grip or Commando Gloves will get the Marksman Gloves effects instead. These aren’t that great boosts, especially since they come at the cost of a field upgrade. While you can stack other upgrades on it, the Overkill vest is far from a great pick.

5 – Infantry Vest

  • Equipment Slots (Three): Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots (Four): Gloves, Boots, Gear

With a boost to Tac Sprint duration and a lower cooldown for the same, this one’s geared towards mobility. As one of the starting pieces of equipment, it’s a good pick if you want to push objectives or get to locations faster. But there are better vests on this list that offer more meaningful upgrades. Remember that these effects don’t stack with the MW3 running sneakers.

4 – Demolition Vest

  • Equipment Slots (Four): Tactical, Lethal x2, Field Upgrade
  • Gear Slots (Three): Gloves, Boots, Gear

If you like spamming grenades, tactical, and lethal equipment, how does an automatic resupply sound? With the ability to regain lethal and tactical equipment every 25 seconds, you can become an explosive force on the battlefield. Of course, that depends on you surviving for that long. Thanks to two lethal charges, you can contest or protect objectives easily as well. it’s a good pick if you need more grenades in your loadout.

3 – Assassin Vest

  • Equipment Slots (Two): Tactical, Lethal (Field Upgrade Slot removed)
  • Gear Slots (Three): Gloves, Boots, Gear

Introduced in Season 1 as a new MW3 vest, this option is pretty deadly if you prefer a silent approach. WIth immunity from enemy radar effects and UAV effects, you can pair it with the Ghost T/V Camo to gain the effects of Hijacked IFF Strobes. While you drop a field upgrade, you get a gear slot as a compromise. It’s a solid option if you want to hunt enemy players in silence.

2 – Engineer Vest

  • Equipment Slots (Three): Tactical x2, Field Upgrade (Lethal Slot removed)
  • Gear Slots (Four): Gloves, Boots, Gear x2

The Engineer vest is among the best ones in the game thanks to its generous perks. With the ability to see enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls, you can warn teammates in advance to take them down if possible. You can also earn extra XP this way. Traps with claymores and sentry guns can be outsmarted with this option. You also get a quicker recharge on your field upgrade and access to two tactical equipment. A bonus gear slot rounds out its advantages.

The Engineer vest is a great pick to support your team

Clearing away enemy killstreaks and equipment can make a major difference in team fights.

1 – Gunner Vest

  • Equipment Slots (Three): Two Primary Weapons, Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrade (Secondary Weapon Slot removed)
  • Gear Slots (Two): Gloves, Gear (Boots Slot removed)

With loads of reserve ammo, you don’t have to worry about resorting to Scavenger Gloves when you have these on. And with enhanced reload speed, you can sustain firefights for longer even if your magazine runs out. This comes at the cost of not having boots to pick. But thanks to the bonus Overkill perk, you can use two primary weapons for maximum versatility. It’s the best vest because it packs in so many advantages with only a minor drawback.

Keep in mind that you won’t immediately be able to use these accessories if you’re just starting out, as you will need to earn these items beforehand. Once you do, however, these pieces of gear will surely give you an advantage in the field of battle that will surely see you and your team celebrate plenty of victories.

That covers all you need to know about MW3 vests. For more on the game, check out our pages on MW3 weapons and MW3 maps beforehand.

MW3 vests FAQs

Are vests the same in MW3 and Warzone?

No, Warzone follows a different perks system compared to MW3.

How many vests were in MW3 at launch?

There were 6 vests that players could pick from.