MW3 Season 2 release date, start time countdown PT, ET, UK – when does Warzone S2 start?

MW3 Season 2 release date, start time countdown PT, ET, UK – when does Warzone S2 start?
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 is set to start very soon. Activision has announced the new lineup of content and it is all really exciting from new maps and modes to a crossover with The Walking Dead. Here you will find the official MW3 Season 2 release date and start time countdown for PT, ET, and UK GMT so you know exactly when it will come out on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

The future is really exciting for Call of Duty players. All of the new Call of Duty games up until 2027 have possibly leaked, and there is a new game set to come out this fall. In addition, following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision and Blizzard, we can expect Call of Duty to start coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2025. But, before CoD 2024 and next year come about, we are still enjoying Modern Warfare 3 for which Activision has teased new Operators.

We now know everything coming in MW3 Season 2, and the release date and start time countdown is almost over.

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MW3 Season 2 release date 

The release date for MW3 Season 2 is February 7th, 2024. Activision initially confirmed the official launch day on the Call of Duty Twitter account.

While Activision’s newest chapter starts next Wednesday, we have to wait until February 28th for The Walking Dead Fear The Living crossover event. The Walking Dead is exciting enough on its own, but there will also be another crossover with Dune Two. This crossover will take place In-Season and there will also be a Tracer Pack.

When does MW3 Season 2 start?

The release date and start time for when MW3 Season 2 will come out is 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/ 5 PM GMT on February 7th. All of these launch hours come courtesy of the official countdown shared on the Call of Duty blog.

You will be able to preload the update in advance. This will allow you to begin playing all of the new content as soon as it launches.

MW3 Season 2 start time US

  • 9 AM PT on Wednesday, February 7th
  • 12 PM ET on Wednesday, February 7th

MW3 Season 2 start time UK

  • 5 PM GMT on Wednesday, February 7th

MW3 Season 2 start time countdown

Below is a countdown to the official release date and start time for MW3 Season 2:

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 start time

The new season in Warzone is set to start exactly the same time as it does for MW3 as all the content for both games drops at the same time.

Therefore, the Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 start time is 9am PT/12PM ET/5pm GMT across all platforms – Xbox, PlayStation and PC – feel free to use the same timers as the MW3 Season 2 ones above to set your watches, even if Warzone is your primary interest.

New Modern Warfare 3 operators

As part of Season 2, the Call of Duty official TikTok account has posted a video that confirms Rick Grimes and Michonne from The Walking Dead will be part of the season as new Operators. According to the MW3 Season 2 update blog, Rick will be available in the Season Pass, while Michonne will be available mid-season.

Below are all the forthcoming new Operators:

  • Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead (Battle Pass)
  •  Michonne – The Walking Dead (Mid-Season, Store)
  •  Kate Laswell (Battle Pass)
  •  John Doe (BlackCell)

New Modern Warfare 3 maps

Season 2 will see the debut of three 6v6 maps and a remastered battlefield previously season in Vanguard. They are the following locations.

  • Stash House
  •  Vista
  •  Departures
  •  Das Haus (Mid-Season)

Season 2 will also see two new map variants, with two more maps given a special makeover, just as we saw in season one. These map variants will only be available when playing on these maps in specific modes, Vortex and Hordepoint, and for a limited time only.

  • Airborne (Terminal, Mid-Season)
  •  Skidgrow (Skidrow, Mid-Season)

In addition to all of the above, Season 2 will see the return of a fan-favourite map to Warzone with Fortune’s Keep joining the rotation in Resurgence mode. However, don’t expect it to be a breeze if you’ve played the map before, as we’re told there will be ‘fresh POIs’.

Finally, War Mode will also get its own new map set in downtown Urzikstan:

  • Operation Tin Man

New Modern Warfare 3 modes

Season 2 is set to bring a few new modes to the game including a new zombie-themed mode. There will also be a special playlist introduced mid-season that will include the previously mentioned special map variants alongside the other remixed maps seen in Season 1. Away from MW3, Warzone will see the return of Ranked mode, but specifically for the Resurgence version of the battle royale.


  • Hordepoint (Limited Time Mode)
  •  Team Gun Game
  •  Snipers Only
  •  Juggermosh (Limited Time Mode, Mid-Season)
  •  Bounty (Mid-Season)

New Playlist:

  • Vortex: Decay’s Realm


  • Warzone Ranked Play: Resurgence

As with every new Call of Duty Season, there will be lots of new items in Season 2 from weapons, operators, maps, game modes, and even a new Season 2 Battle Pass. And Zombies mode is not left out as well because there’ll be new Zombies Act, Wonder Weapons, Schematics as well as events.

New MW3 Season 2 perks

Ninja Vest – silent melee and throwing weapon specialist with 3 equipment slots and 3 gear slots, and the following attributes:

  • Eliminate footstep sounds
  •  Immune to movement reduction effects
  •  Bonus Shuriken and Throwing Knife Ammo
  •  Resupply Shuriken and Throwing Knives every 25 seconds.
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MW3 Season 2 will be an exciting and action-packed update, with new content and features to keep players engaged and entertained. With a new battle pass, new maps, and new game modes on the horizon, there’s plenty to look forward to ahead of the new season.

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