MW3 Season 1 killstreaks – here’s all the new killstreaks coming in Season 1

MW3 Season 1 killstreaks – here’s all the new killstreaks coming in Season 1
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With the first season of the latest Call of Duty comes a set of brand-new MW3 Season 1 killstreaks. If you were worried about your gameplay becoming a bit stale in the latest instalment in the multiplayer FPS, then these additions are sure to spice things up and give you some new game-plans to work with. So we’re here to take you through the new killstreaks coming to MW3.

Check out the MW3 Season 1 start date so you know when you can jump on, and if you haven’t yet, make sure you know all about the MW3 Season 1 pre load too. And if you’re interested in what MW3 Season 1 modes there will be, we’ve got a guide on that too. For now though, let’s take a look at the new MW3 Season 1 killstreaks.

MW3 Season 1 killstreaks: A player killing a Zombie in MW3.
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MW3 Season 1 new killstreaks

There are two new killstreaks set to become available with the release of MW3 Season 1. Both of them can be unlocked by completing certain Armory Challenges, however we don’t currently know what these challenges will entail. The two new killstreaks are: Swarm and EMP.


The Swarm killstreak will let players deploy a collection of mosquito drones which will provide blanket coverage of the area you use them in. In order to use it, you’ll need to earn a 15-player continuous killstreak, or earn yourself more than 1875 points during a match.


Using EMP will deploy an electromagnetic pulse. The surge of this pulse will disrupt all enemy gadgets, equipments, and even their own killstreaks. In order to use EMP, you’ll need to earn a 13-player continuous killstreak, or alternatively earn at least 1625 points during a match.

These killstreaks will certainly give players some new approaches to their gameplay, and open up some new opportunities for those willing to give them a try. In the meantime, check out our MW3 maps guide for details on all the maps in the game, and our MW3 Zombies best guns for some loadout tips to help you win.

MW3 Season 1 killstreaks FAQs

What new killstreaks are in MW3 Season 1?

The new killstreaks in MW3 Season 1 are Swarm and EMP.

How do you get killstreaks in MW3?

You can earn killstreaks by earning a certain number of kills in one life, or scoring a certain number of points during a match.