MW3 Season 1 modes – here’s every new game mode you can play in Season 1

MW3 Season 1 modes – here’s every new game mode you can play in Season 1
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Looking for the new MW3 Season 1 modes? You’ve come to the right place. Since it launched MW3 has been showered with loads of new content and we’re about to get our hands on Season 1 which is set to bring fresh new content to the game. 

So in this guide we’ll be going over the new game modes in MW3 Season 1 and tell you what to expect from each of them. Before we dive right in, you might want to go over our MW3 Season 1 start date piece and see all of the new operators, maps and even weapons that are coming to Season 1. For now, here are all the new game modes that you can play.

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MW3 Season 1 game modes

  • Gunfight (At launch)
  • All or Nothing (At launch)
  • Vortex (LTM, Mid-Season)


If you love high-pressure game modes with lots of fast-paced action, then you’re going to love this mode. It’s a fan-favourite mode that gives you enough room to test out your weaponry skills and spread out with your squad as you strive for the win. Like many of the modes in Warzone, Gunfight will see two teams clash with each other in a round-based match without respawns. Also, each player will be assigned the same randomized Loadout at the start of each round. 

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According to Activision in a blog post, “The assigned Loadout changes every two rounds, and you never know what you’ll get; you may be trading shots with Battle Rifles one round and then rushing in with Shotguns the next. In other words, take what you’re given and make it worse,” which makes Gunfight a thrilling, yet challenging mode. You and your squad just need to be the first side to win six rounds to become victorious. 

All or Nothing

This mode will see you deployed with nothing except Throwing Knives. You will have no ammo or any other weapon but you can put your melee skills to good use. The good thing about All or Nothing is that it’ll allow you to activate the Scavenger Perk which in turn will see you gather ammo pickups for your primary weapon. To be victorious in this mode you’ll have to secure at least 20 kills in a round. 


This is a free-for-all game mode where one player will spawn with the one-shot kill Ray Gun, a popular Wonder Weapon in Zombies mode. The challenge here is putting down the player wielding this infamous firearm. Whichever player manages to eliminate the Operator with the Ray Gun will become the new owner of the, “Otherworldly pistol.” Vortex also takes place on three remixed Multiplayer maps: Satan’s Quarry, Sporeyard, and Tetanus. 

So that’s what we have for you on the new modes coming to MW3 Season 1. While you await the release of the new season, best go over our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks as well as our MW3 zombies tips and tricks on surviving horses of the undead.

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A fresh dose of adrenaline

MW3’s Gunfight, Vortex, and All or Nothing inject a fresh dose of adrenaline into the multiplayer experience. Gunfight’s quick-paced battles demand teamwork and tactical play, while Vortex turns the battlefield into a frantic hunt for the Ray Gun. All or Nothing challenges players to adapt and overcome with nothing but throwing knives, fostering intense close-quarters combat.

MW3 Season 1 modes FAQs

What are some of the best Gunfight maps?

  • Shipment
  • Alley
  • Blacksite
  • Exhibit
  • Training Facility

What are some tips for playing Vortex?

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use cover effectively.
  • Don’t try to take on the player with the Ray Gun by yourself.
  • Don’t get too close to the player with the Ray Gun.