MW3 Cutthroat mode – what is Cutthroat mode in MW3?

MW3 Cutthroat mode – what is Cutthroat mode in MW3?
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With the full game now available across the globe, you must be wondering what is Cutthroat mode in MW3? Well. you’ve come to the right place. Activision and Sledgehammer Games have introduced new game modes in Modern Warfare 3. And one of the latest features that’s being added to their MW2 follow-up project is the high-stakes 3v3v3 experience.

Of course, the new MW3 Zombies mode has garnered high number of player and is currently carrying MW3 as we stated in our MW2 vs MW3 comparison. However, the exciting and competitive nature present within Cutthroat mode is undoubtedly one that fans have enjoyed playing. With that said, let’s look at what the Cutthroat mode actually is in MW3.

A screenshot of a video game showing a gun in the garage during MW3 Cutthroat mode.

What is Cutthroat mode in MW3?

Cutthroat mode is a new match offering that pits your team of three against two other separate trios. The game’s 3v3v3 mode is playable on a variety of different MW3 maps, such as the revamped Favela, Terminal, and Skidrow locations. Based on Activision’s official announcement, this match type features a competitive mode that pits you up against teams of equal or greater skill.

As the MW3 release season 1 release date draws near, a 3v3v3 game mode is surely one to experience playing in as the smaller, yet somewhat similar Gunfight mode remains one of the most popular match types in the franchise’s history.

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A fast-paced gameplay

Cutthroat mode in Modern Warfare 3 is an exhilarating 3v3v3 multiplayer experience that demands fast reflexes, tactical thinking, and seamless teamwork. Its elimination-only rule set and fast-paced nature create an adrenaline-fueled experience that rewards individual skill and coordinated teamwork.

There are many challenging game modes in MW3 such as Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Team Deathmatch, all of which and more that have made glorious returns. But despite these fan-favorite match offerings making a comeback, none may be as exciting as Cutthroat mode where each kill could determine the outcome of a match.

That covers everything you need to know for now on the MW3 Cutthroat mode. If you want to learn more about the next series entry, check out our guides on the Modern Warfare 3 weapons list, MW3 perks list, and see our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks guide. And if you’re seeking out weapon loadouts, you should see our best Striker loadout.

MW3 Cutthroat mode FAQs

How do I win in Cutthroat mode?

To win in Cutthroat mode, you must either eliminate all of the other teams’ players or capture the overtime flag. The overtime flag will become active if the round is tied after a certain amount of time.

What are common mistakes to avoid when playing Cutthroat mode?

  • Not communicating with their teammates
  • Using the wrong custom loadout
  • Not being aware of their surroundings
  • Playing too passively.