MW3 beta rewards including how to get the Tester Skin

MW3 beta rewards including how to get the Tester Skin
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If you’d like to get your hands on those MW3 beta rewards, you’ve come to the right place. Modern Warfare 3 is approaching, and following the Call of Duty Next event unveiling details like Perks, the Cutthroat game mode, and a sneak peek at War, players are more prepared than ever.

The second weekend of the MW3 beta is a fine opportunity for players to explore the game ahead of its official release date on November 10. You can familiarise yourself with the new mechanics and weaponry, and earn some complimentary rewards in the process. We suggest keeping a close eye on our MW3 beta start time so you can dive right into the game.

A screenshot of the game's main menu showcasing MW3 beta rewards.

All MW3 beta rewards

  • Appetite: Whet Emblem – Level 2
  • Operation Beta Charm – Level 7
  • Beta Tester Calling Card – Level 9
  • MW3 Weapon Sticker – Level 11
  • Beta Ripper Weapon Blueprint – Level 20
  • Beta Proof Weapon Sticker – Level 25
  • Tester Jabber Operator skin – Level 30

For you to obtain these rewards during the MW3 beta, you’ll simply need to reach the maximum level because these rewards unlock progressively as you advance through the ranks. During the beta, the initial PlayStation-exclusive weekend will have a max level of 20. This limit will be raised to 30 during the second weekend when PC and Xbox players can participate.

Tester skin in MW3 beta

If you manage to reach rank 30 by the end of the MW3 beta, you’ll have successfully obtained all of the available free rewards. So be sure to strive really hard to win matches and play extensively to level up fast. 

How to get the Tester Skin in the MW3 beta

The Tester Jabber skin looks terrifying and will give you a dangerous look throughout a match. You can get it by grinding your way to level 30 in the MW3 beta. And although this won’t be easy, our bet is that the skin will be worth it. 

Will MW3 beta rewards carry over?

Absolutely! You’ll be happy to know that as you progress and level up, you’ll unlock weapons and killstreaks as well. So it’s worth noting that the aforementioned rewards are the only beta rewards that’ll be carried over to the full game after it launches. 

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Once you’ve unlocked these rewards in the MW3 beta, you can use them right away throughout the testing phase. Just locate and equip the rewards once you’ve earned them. And when Modern Warfare 3 officially launches next month, you’ll have immediate access to the above rewards. 

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect all the rewards available in the beta, as they won’t be accessible after the beta period. For now, you might want to know how MW3 vests work or what Ground War is in MW3. And if you don’t know the MW3 beta download size yet, then we suggest you check that out too.