MW3 beta download size – confirmed for PS, how big is MW3 beta?

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The beta is almost here, so understandably players are wondering what is the MW3 beta download size? Keen players have been invited to experience the much-anticipated MW2 sequel before November with its upcoming beta, for both pre-orders and those lucky enough to obtain a code via other means. The beta will span two extended weekends and will be accessible on all gaming platforms. 

The first weekend will be exclusively available to PlayStation users. There’s also an early access period for those who have pre-ordered the game, or have gotten a code through other means like our own MW3 beta code giveaway. We strongly suggest you go over how to redeem MW3 beta code so you can access the beta when it launches. 

MW3 beta download size for PS5 and PS4

The download size for the MW3 beta on a PlayStation 5.

The Modern Warfare 3 beta download size is 26.50 GB for PlayStation 5. This includes the Beta Pack 01, while players will need to spend 1.32 MB to download the Beta Pack 02 licence checker. 

For PlayStation 4 users, the download size should be similar, if not the same, to that of PS5 but in some cases, it can be larger. 

MW3 beta download size prediction for Xbox and PC 

As for Xbox, Microsoft has not disclosed the exact download sizes for the Modern Warfare 3 beta on either Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. However, you can expect it to be roughly similar in size to the PlayStation version, likely ranging between 24GB to 25GB as well. 

Since the launch of the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PC is still some time away, there’s no exact download size for the beta just yet. But as we get closer to the second beta weekend, it’s expected that more details regarding the download size will become available. Rest assured, we will update this page with any new information that comes up.

While you await the start of the MW3 beta, be sure to check out Activision’s much-anticipated CoD next 2023 start date which includes where you can watch the showcase. With that said, things are heating up in MW2 and Warzone season 6 so we suggest you get yourself the Doom bundle once it becomes available. 

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