Will CoD points transfer to MW3 (2024)?

Will CoD points transfer to MW3 (2024)?
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Wondering whether your CoD Points will transfer to the upcoming MW3? We have an answer for you. Come November, MW3 is set to bring new types of gameplay to fans of the beloved franchise to get lost in. 

COD points are widely regarded as the most essential currency within Call of Duty games, serving as the primary means for players to acquire various in-game cosmetics, battle passes, and even unlock new operators like the Lara Croft skin in MW2


Will CoD points transfer to MW3? 

In summary, yes you can transfer COD points from MW2 to MW3, but there are certain limitations. Transferring COD points across different platforms, such as Xbox to Playstation or Playstation to PC, is not allowed. 

With that said, you can only transfer COD points as long as you remain consistent with a single Activision account. So if you’re upgrading to the next console generation such as moving from PS4 to PS5 or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S, your COD points, game progress, and in-game purchases will be seamlessly transferred to the newer console generation.

Cod Points are very important because there are so many things you can purchase with them in Call of Duty. From battle passes, weapon skins, attachments, and even cosmetic items like character and weapon skins. 


And if you happen to run low on COD points, you can always buy more through the franchise store within the game or through the stores specific to your respective platforms, such as the PlayStation Store, Xbox store, and so on.

For now, there are no restrictions on the quantity of COD points that can be purchased, you can purchase as many as you need. And with MW2 Season 5 Reloaded underway, there are a ton of items you can buy with Cod Points including 21 Savage operator skin.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of MW3, then we suggest going over the Modern Warfare story so far to stay up to date on the series’ campaign.