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MW2 SP-R 208 Class Guide – Best Meta Options 

While they may not be the easiest weapon class for beginners to handle, MW2’s Marksman Rifles are deadly in the hands of a seasoned pro, providing exceptional damage and accuracy at long range. The SP-R 208 is among the absolute best options in MW2, and a contender for the best of the excellent Marksman Rifle field. 

We’ll take you through the best class options for the SP-R 208 with our Modern Warfare 2 guide. 

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MW2 SP-R 208 Class Strengths And Weaknesses 

MW2 SP-R 208 Strengths and Weaknesses

The SP-R 208’s deadly firepower is modulated by an overall slow rate of fire. You’ll need to be as precise, stable, and accurate as possible to make your shots count. Slotting in attachments to increase this side of the weapon’s performance is a must, as it is customizing a perk package that will allow you to play at range and undetected whenever possible. 

MW2 – Best Perks To Equip With The SP-R 208 

MW2 SP-R 208 Perks


Going undetected for as long as possible is a serious boon for a weapon like the SP-R 208. Preventing opponents from zeroing in on your location allows you to operate as a stealthy, long-range death dealer, playing to this Marksman Rifle’s strengths

Bird’s Eye 

The SP-R 208 suffers compared to much of Modern Warfare 2’s roster when it comes to close-range combat. So ideally you want to minimize your chances of engaging enemies up close. Bird’s Eye will augment your long-range potential, allowing you to locate and pick off enemies before they have a chance to close with you. 


For alternative Perk Recommendations, Overkill is the best choice for basic perks, Hardline for bonus perks, and Survivor for ultimate perks. 

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MW2 – Best Attachments For The SP-R 208 

10 Round Mag 

Every shot counts when wielding a Marksman Rifle, especially so with the SP-R 208. While there are perks that you can equip to make restocking ammo an easier task, that can take space out of your perk package that can be better served playing to the 208’s strengths. The 10 Round Mag will make running out of ammunition much more difficult, allowing you to focus less on that and more on placing your shots. 

22.5″ Elevate-11 Barrel 

This Barrel will increase your effective damage range, further augmenting your long-range capabilities. Unless you’re feeling extremely confident in your choice of sidearms, it’s best to throw as much as you can into long-range damage with the 208, taking out opponents at a distance of your choosing. 

Modern Warfare 2- Best Weapons To Pair With The SP-R 208 

Expedite 12

Expedite 12 Shotgun 

An exceptional close-range option, the Expedite 12 will balance out the SP-R’s most significant weakness, making your loadout into a force to be feared in close quarters and interiors. Opponents will think twice about trying to get the drop on you when you can switch to the Expedite and take them down instantly. 

X13 Auto 

Having a subweapon with full-auto capabilities is a significant boon when wielding a one-shot gun like the SP-R 208. The X13 will broaden your suite of options, and its incredibly rapid rate of fire serves as a nasty surprise whenever you switch into it. 

MW2 SP-R 208 FAQ 

What are the Best SP-R 208 Attachments MW2? 

The 10 Round Mag and 22.5″ Elevate-11 Barrel are the best attachments for the SP-R 208. 

How to unlock the SP-R 208 MW2? 

The SP-R 208 unlocks fairly early in MW2, simply reach overall rank 7 to unlock this powerful Marksman Rifle.